Sunday, 12 February 2012

Girly Stuff and Black Craft Vilene

 Sequins on my cardi

I am not very girly - I am and have had to be very practical most of my life - so I take great pleasure the odd times I am required to dress up and be sparkly - but then what do you wear? 
I may have mentioned once or twice that I will be off to the Antipodes at the end of March. There will be several parties to attend and having gone through my very practical wardrobe I realised I needed a bit of glitz!!! So I have been sewing sequins and beads onto a back cardi that covers a multitude of sins and is very useful! (Being practical again) I am having trouble deciding when to stop, I suspect I may cover the entire cardi by the end of this week. A girl can't have enough sequins and I need to feel I am doing something useful when I watch Corrie and 'Stenders

 One of the parties has an award for 'The Most Fabulous Wearing of False Eyelashes' so I popped into town last week and picked these up - what do you think? I thought I might add a pink feather boa with black spots. I am having to travel reasonably light as I will be carrying my tools, I won't have tons of room for dressing up clothes. I tried to get a pair of turquoise lashes to match my hair, but I am coming round to the pink now . . .


 Black Pelmet Vilene Lite with strips of layered newspaper and painted Bondaweb

The black craft Vilene is now on the website - £3 per metre, 30cm wide. It is softer and thinner than the usual Pelmet/Craft Vilene. I already sell this weight in white and they are both called. Pelmet Vilene Lite


I'm off to sew on more sequins now - I am getting quite addicted!

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