Thursday, 12 January 2012

Denman College part 2a

 Layers of printed and painted Bondaweb and torn newspaper ironed onto heavy iron-on interfacing. I LOVE this piece by Christine

Because my clever students produced so much excellent work I will make this a two part post. My course had been brought forward from July to January and consequently I only had four students on my course. This was a great opportunity to get a lot of work done and fun for me. I usually teach ten to fifteen students in a group which is fine - but you don't get much time with each student. This was a real treat. Coupled with the fact all the students had been on a previous course with me in October, they all knew the basics of Hot Textiles which meant we could cover a lot of ground quite fast.

 Newspaper printed with a leaf block - strips of which were used to create the beautiful work at the top of this post

 Painted Bondaweb also printed with the leaf block.The Bondaweb is then carefully lifted from the backing paper, torn and layered with the newspaper making sure the printed side is the right way up.
The blocks used on this course are from 

Sarah incorporated the backing paper from the painted Bondaweb in this decorated newspaper - which was then ironed onto heavy iron-on interfacing and cut with my die cutting machine to make a box shape  . . . .

Sarah's lovely heart shaped box

 . . . and another taller box . . . .

This a small selection of Angela's work which I will talk more about tomorrow

This is Christine's FAB box

 . . . . and Bridget's lovely box . . . . you can see the original layered pieces that we made the boxes from in the previous post - see if you can work out which is which . . .

One of the things that got the girls most excited (particularly Christine) was using the offcuts from the boxes to make smaller shape for  -Yes! you guessed it - jewellery! Oh! the joys of having a die cutting machine, you can cut the shapes with a scalpel or knife but it is SO much easier with my FAB machine. I know you have to consider the choice between someone elses design for the shape when you use a die cutting system as opposed to your own, but it is SO much easier, faster and more accurate. Until I can get my hands on a laser cutter this system will do nicely . . . . 


I will post more tomorrow, I have today to sort out all the orders that have come in since I was away before I leave for West Dean tomorrow. It's a busy week . . . . arrghhhh!


  1. . . I must admit I am looking forward to Monday night when I finish at West Dean, but I mustn't wish my life away . . . there will be fun to be had . . x