Monday, 9 January 2012

Back to Denman College

 Decorated newspaper ironed onto heavy pelmet Vilene plus and cut to shape with a die cutting  machine

I am just packing up the car ready to leave to teach at Denman College for the next couple of days. I will be teaching my Hot Textiles 2 workshop to a small group that I first met on Hot Textiles at Denman at the end of last year - they are coming back to play. We should have a wonderful time as they already know the basics. We will be able to move fast and cover a lot of ground, I am very excited - some FAB work should be produced. I'm going to take my heat press and die cutting machine in case the group want to try any of the my newspaper processes with painted Bondaweb.
Decorated newspaper brooches . . . 
  . . and more . . . 

I will report back as we go along - we should have a great time in class - and then of course there is the food  . . . .  the beautiful grounds . . . . sigh! what a way to start this years teaching - I am a very lucky girl.


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  1. I love the little brooches. I will have to have a go as I have a ton of decorated newspaper after having a go at your little fishies project in WOW.