Saturday, 1 October 2011

Little boxes, little boxes . . . .

 Dyed newspapers layered with painted Bondaweb backed with Heavy Pelmet Vilene Plus - a very heavy iron-on interfacing, decorated with gilding flake and hand stitch.

I'm just getting ready for all my workshops over the next week or so. My first one is at Bobby Britnell's studio in Shropshire. It is the first time I have delivered my brand new workshop based on the newspaper exercises in my new book Layered Textiles and I am very excited about it. 'A new starting point' is meant to be a 2 day workshop but if you wanted to come and play for just one day you would be most welcome - you might not get a chance to finish a box but you will leave with some amazing layers and texture to work on at a later date. 

A new starting point.
with Kim Thittichai

2 days of fun and experimentation with painted and dyed newspaper, painted Bondaweb, craft Vilene and gilding flake, sequins . . . . .  .
Learn how to create amazing textures with faux chenille and Solufleece.
This is the first workshop to showcase the new techniques in my latest book
‘Layered Textiles’.

On the first day we will paint and decorate the newspaper and Bondaweb and build up layers and textures ready to print and stitch onto. There will be plenty of jewel like products with which to embellish your work. The second day we will develop your samples into vessels, boxes and caskets by backing the samples with craft Vilene and using my new toy – a Big Shot Pro die cutting machine. I would hope you would leave with at least one finished exquisite box.
This workshop is suitable for any level of experience

I think it was a bit optimistic for me to plan a workshop when Ally Pally was on, but there must be SOME people in Shropshire who aren't going this year????  If you are interested do email Bobby -

Some very delicate hand stitch - not - on one of my newspaper samples

Look, I've made a box!!!!

and here is a close up of my box . . . . oooerrr!!!!

And how have I made my box? My new toy arrived yesterday - YYEEHHAA!!!! It is Big Shot Pro die cutting machine with several box templates ready for us to use at the workshop next week. Those of you that don't want to use the die cut templates can cut your box from other patterns that I will have with me, using a scalpel and a cutting mat. Or you could make a vessel. . . .  or a wall piece - the choice is yours!

off to play with my toy some more now . . . . x

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