Sunday, 28 August 2011

Inkberrow Design Centre - Transforming Transfers

disperse dyes (transfer paints) ironed onto polyester satin

The last workshop of 3 at Inkberrow Design Centre Inkberrow Design Centre was Transforming Transfers. I love transfer printing, it is one of the most simple techniques for colouring synthetic fabrics and one of the most effective. Disperse dyes (transfer paints) are painted onto copy/computer paper. Once the paper is dry the dye is ironed off onto synthetic fabric. You need to place baking parchment underneath your fabric and between the iron and the dyed paper. The dye is transferred by heat, so the iron needs to be as hot as your fabric will stand. The papers can be cut or torn and resists can also be used between the dyed paper and the fabric.

We had a great day experimenting with the dyes, the studios at Inkberrow are large and airy with plenty of room for play!

Emma and Sally ironing off their papers

grasses used as a resist between the dyed paper and the fabric

Sally used a metal frame as a resist - and discovered it was a good conductor of heat!!!! Hot metal burns!!!

seed heads used as a resist then the seeds heads were turned over and printed. This way you get a positive ad a negative print

cut dyed paper shapes ironed onto synthetic fabric

experiments with cut papers and over printing

experiments with torn papers and over printing

So, a good time was had by all - I will back at Inkberrow in October and November (see right). I'm off to teach my last summer school at West Dean College West Dean College tomorrow - it's a tough job but someone has to do it. The grounds will be full of colour and texture, a great resource for what we will be doing . . .  I will report back at the weekend.
Have a good week!

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