Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Nearly there!

It's 6am and dark outside. The words are flowing now and I have already eaten TWO  pain au chocolat. I am SO naughty. I seem to need lots of treats to keep me going, why is it only bad carbs will do when you are under pressure? I can be slim and gorgeous next week Ha Ha!! once the book has been delivered.

So - this blog is supposed to be about promoting Hot Textiles - not books and snow. 

The sample above shows dyed lightweight pelmet vilene (green) and Spunbond CS700 (brown) cut with a fine tip soldering iron and bonded onto Spunbond CS800 (blue). If you want to iron on your intricate cut outs, make sure you iron Bondaweb on the back of your products before you cut them. You can leave the backing paper on or take it off when you solder, it's a personal choice.
Don't forget your baking parchment on top and underneath and of course, you need to be soldering onto a ceramic tile or similar.

Right back to writing - keep calm and carry on . . . . .

No Richard, I haven't got to the index yet! x

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