Monday, 30 September 2019

Jet lag, beaches and shells . . and good friends.

The 3 of us had a walk in the bush last night and Brian showed me why these huge ferns are called silver ferns . . if you shine a light up under the leaves - they turn silver. Beautiful.

 So - here I am in New Zealand. At the moment I am staying with my friends Alysn and Brian Midgelow Marsden on the Tawharanui Penninsula, just inside the Tawharanui National Park over looking Christian Bay. 

 Kotare House

It is a beautiful house with incredible views of the sea in the front of the house and the bush behind. The weather can be a bit like where I live in Ireland, 4 seasons in 1 day. But generally there is a lot less rain!!!

Alysn runs an Airbnb from the house, if ever you are traveling on the North Island, I can't recommend this place enough - check it out.

 View over Christian Bay.

 View over the bush with Brian terraced raised beds.

The planting around the house is very exotic.


It's good to see some of Alysn's metal work gracing the flower pots.

Alysn now works in her studio in the garden of the house and also holds classes in there. It is a fabulous space with loads of space.

 Lots of room to work.
Have a look at Alysn's work and see what events she has coming up.

We have been out and about in the few days I have been here recovering from jet lag. On Saturday we went to Matakana market. A very busy, colourful food market. One thing that made me laugh were the dogs minders. Dogs aren't allowed in to the market so 2 young girls have set up a excellent enterprise minding dogs while the owners wander around the market. A great idea.

 Local young entreprenuers.

Yesterday we had 2 beach walks. The beaches here are just glorious.

When you are walking along the beach you get used to seeing all kinds of footprints.
 These ones were huge . .
 You can see the size of the prints in relation to my size 8 foot.

 They have been made by a Pukeko.
A rather prehistoric looking bird.

Last night we had a walk along a beach as it got dark, the storm clouds rolling in were so dramatic.

And of course there were shells . . .


I am missing my view at home, and of course, my girls. But the beaches here, and the sound of the waves do help. 

I am here in New Zealand to teach 3 workshops at Quilt Symposium 2019. The Quilt Symposium is held every other year with different cities taking turns to host the event. There will be around 1.000 students and tutors from all over the world. It is massive. I am very excited to be part of such an excitng event.

Here are the goody bags being filled. 

I will be posting every day on Facebook and Instagram from my class room. If you would like to know more - here is the website . . . 

and the Facebook page.

 See you later in the week . . . 

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