Tuesday, 11 April 2017

New Zealand 2017 - part the second . . The Journey into Printing Blocks. Cutting Edge Textiles - Ngaruawahia.

 Cutting Edge Textiles
A very hard working and exciting group based in Ngaruawahia.

 I had been looking forward to seeing Margherita Alan again. We first met when she attended one of my classes at the excellent Quilt Symposium in Palmerston North in 2015. Since then we have be organising this workshop and the one following. 
Finally we are here - and it has happened - what a fabulous 2 days we had.
The workshop was The Journey into Printing Blocks. 
Just look at the size of the room we had to work in - and all the materials and tools were so organised, just brilliant.
 Margherita is on the far left of this photo - she could hardly contain her excitement over the 2 days - she was a joy to watch.

 The group getting stuck into The Journey.

 Starting to build up the lines and marks.

 Admiring the finished Journeys all lined up together.

The Journeys.

 The Journey is my own design exercise that I developed teaching Experimental Textiles. I also teach 2 other design exercises published in a book by Ernst Rotger in the early 1960's. Several textile tutors that I know use them - they are so useful. The first one is an 'expanded' exercise, looking at spaces in between - positive and negative space.

 All the expanded exercises displayed together.

I also use a flipping out exercise. It is great fun and amazing shapes and designs can be created quite simply.

The 'flipping out' exercise.

Once the group had completed all 3 design exercises, they were asked to take 2 sections from each exercise. They then chose 2 of these designs to make printing blocks from.

 Isolating and tracing the designs.

Then we made the printing blocks. We used self adhesive foam and core board.

 From one design you get 2 printing blocks. One positive, one negative.

Here are a few of the blocks - there were 16 in the group which means they made at least 32 blocks between them.

 A very small selection of the blocks.

 And then came the fun - printing and getting to know the blocks.

  The first prints.

 Then we tried over printing - to see if the designs matched up . . . the positive design over the negative design.



 Over printing.

And they did . . . 

 A stash of gorgeous papers ready to print onto.

Then of course you need to clean the blocks - I use baby wipes. You then get fabulous prints on the baby wipes . . .

The baby wipes can be stitched into - just like fabric . . .

We had a really fabulous 2 days - There is no way I could show you all the work. I hope this gives you some idea of the amount of great prints that were created.

 I don't think I have ever seen so much work from just one class.

I will teaching a 3 day workshop for this group next, lots of slashing and zapping and melting . .  watch this space.

If you are interested in this workshop I will be teaching it online from January 2018. The shorter workshops launch in May. To join my database and receive my new Sonas Studio newsletter, email me, info@kimthittichai.com, with 'database' in the subject.

If you would like to take part in a rather more exotic version of The Journey, I will be teaching it in Jaipur in January 2019 as part of a Colouricious Textile Holiday, details will be on the Colouricious website mid August.


Hello Jill x
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Hello Tod - hope you are enjoying these posts. Love you. 

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