Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Experimental Textiles - session 1 of 9. The Journey.

 Taking a section of the Journey with 'L' shapes.

 I love teaching my course Experimental Textiles. But you can love something tooooo much. All the time I am teaching it, I am thinking about my students, and not me and my own work. So this is the last time I will be teaching it in this form. I hope to be able to sort out how to teach some of it online next year.
 The calm before the storm. 30 minutes before the new students arrived, exciting.

 The new group is great fun, some strong personalities and one or two who are rather backwards in coming forward - but everyone will settle down and work well together. They got off to a flying start, I am very excited about what they may be capable of . .  watch this space.

So - the Journey. This is the exercise I am flown all over the place to teach. It is something I came up with 17 or so years ago to help students create original designs. It is covered in my book Experimental Textiles which is the book of the course.

Starting to paint the Journeys.

The students are asked to paint an imaginary journey, we put music on and let the group get into making marks, lines and curves . . . .

Getting into it.

The finished Journeys lined up on the floor.

A detail of the Journeys.

Then we went onto the 'expanded' exercise, looking at spaces in between.

After that - it was onto the 'flipping out' exercise. These black and white exercises are formulae to help the students isolate and develop original designs.

2 of the 'flipping out' exercises.

Once the exercises were completed the group got down to taking sections with 'L' shapes.

Isolating the designs.

Once the designs were isolated, they were transferred directly in to the students workbooks, or onto separate paper that can be stuck into their books later.

Oh the concentration . . .

Playing with the designs.

The designs transferred and painted.

Having fun with colour.

On the next session the group will be making printing blocks from their designs and printing onto paper and fabric with them. They are going to be fabulous.


I seem to have sold my house!!! Hurrah! My studio in Ireland is getting nearer,
fingers crossed all goes smoothly.


I will be opening this exhibition on Saturday at midday. I am so delighted to be asked. The Worthing Guild were one of the first Guilds to book me to give a lecture and workshop . . . all those years ago. I am very much looking forward to seeing the members again and all their fabulous work.


Hello Jill and Diana - great news huh?? 
Tod - Yehhhaaa!!!!

x x x x


  1. I love the way you work with these designs.
    Looking forward to the online course.
    And sold your house, congratulations on that.
    Moving to Ireland must be a big adventure, have fun....

  2. Wow, well done - suitably fast and time to get moved in before those cold nights! Plane ticket at the ready to help unpack xxxx

  3. Good luck with the move my dear.