Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Journey with Geelong Embroiderers Guild 24th & 25th September - plus graffiti!!!

 A section of an old railway carriage at The Powerhouse, Geelong.

I am a bit out of sync with the blog - so much has happened in the last couple of months I haven't been able to write events up in the correct order. This post is about a 2 day workshop I taught for Geelong (Australia) Embroiderers Guild September 24th and 25th just before I taught at the Geelong Fibre Forum. They are a lively group and are great fun. I first taught for them in 2012 when I first met Gillian Norris. Gillian was a great help in setting up the workshops then and on this last trip. She and her lovely husband Tony were great hosts. Do look at the Guild's website - there is a lot to see.

So - the 2 day workshop was The Journey extended to give enough time to make printing blocks from the students designs. Regular readers of this blog will be very familiar with this workshop.

 Starting to paint The Jouneys

 All the designs lined up.

We also played with the expanded exercise  . . .

And the 'flipping out' exercise.

The students were asked to take 2 sections from each design exercise. They would then choose 2 of the designs to make the blocks with.

 The designs were isolated by using 'L' shapes.

 The designs are then traced off . . .

The design is then tranferred onto self adhesive foam and foam core board to create printing blocks.

 You get 2 blocks form one design, the positive and the negative.

 Here you can see the positive and the negative of the flower design.

 Getting stuck in to the printing process.

 Trying out the blocks on newspaper first.

 Trying to over print with the positive and negative of the same design.

 An exciting day of printing - 

The group were great fun to work with, and I had a great time staying with Gillian and Tony - thank you both so much.


 On the way to Forum, Gillian took me The Powerhouse, an old derelict building that is covered in graffiti. It has been running as art project, decorated by street artists from all over the world - do read this article - it's fascinating.


 Gillian knows I have a love for graffiti, this was heaven. . . 

These are images from an old raliway carriage covered in graffiti.

As you can see - I didn't waste time while I was in Geelong - it was wonderful to see old friends and make new ones. It seems like months ago now, but I did have a very, very good time. 


I am now getting ready to teach this weekend, it is weekend 5 of Experimental Textiles in the IDC Studios at The Old Needle Works. We will be looking at constructed textiles - knit, weave and felt. It promises to be a lively weekend.
So - watch this space!!!

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  1. Looks like a brilliant course,the print making is very inspirational.

    1. Many thanks Heather, it's good to know someone reads the blog . . . x x x x

    2. I had a brilliant time Kim, thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

    3. It was good wasn't it Carol, you were a fabulous group to work with, thank YOU for looking after me so well. Am just thinking about that lovely shop across the road where we bought our lunches - scrummy!! x