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The Geelong Fibre Forum - September 27th - October 3rd. Part the second -

 Polyester organza applique cut with a soldering iron, ironed onto Decovil 1.

Apologies for my being so far behind with this blog - life has been a tad busy. 
The Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexander Palace was fantastic. Very busy on most days but with room breathe. The extra day does seem to help. It was great to meet so many of you, and thank you for ALL the chocolate - I am still wading through it.

So - back to Geelong and
What an amazing time we all had - just wonderful. The whole event was so well organised and such fun - bordering on bonkers!!!

My group worked very hard and came up with some fabulous ideas. The course was my basic Hot Textiles workshop over 5 days. Plenty of time to experiment and see what all the products could do. We were working with the heavier interfacings from Vilene along with Tyvek and Bondaweb.

 Keeping notes always helps.

 Some of the decorated Decvovil 1.

 The Heavy weight Lutradur/Spunbond CS800 was very popular - Jan made this fabulous neck piece - apologies for not getting an image of it finished.

Jan is a doll maker amongst many of her talents - she dressed this little doll in the Lutradur/CS800 and polyester organza - isn't she gorgeous?

 Doll by Jan Brasher.

 There were several experiments with layering, both with Lutradur/CS800 and Tyvek and then both layered together.

 The products were layered and stitched together then zapped with heat gun.

Ruby created this great piece. Combining Lutradur/CS800 Tyvek and cellophane.

A fabulous landscape.

 The girls hard at work.

 Some of Marilyn's work - fab vessels/lights and little books.

 Kim Carter really got on with the Decovil creating 2 brilliant 'building' type vessels . . .

Kim also enjoyed experimenting with and layering Tyvek with the Lutradur/CS800.

 3 bird/vessels.

 2 structures created from layers of Lutradur/CS800 and Tyvek.

 Fab work lined up in the dappled shade.

 A detail of a gorgoeus piece combining a Decovil background with bonded fabric scraps and textured Tyvek.

 I was particularly pleased with this vessel created from the heaviest iron-on interfacing S133 that has been decorated with zapped Lutrdur/CS800 and polyester organza applique.

 This was also a favourite piece, I know you are not supposed to have favourites. Decovil 1 decorated with polyester organza applique and cut with a soldering iron.

 The 5 days flew past. The group were great fun and I feel I have made some very good friends. The whole Forum was so friendly. I will be staying in touch with my girls - I will be back - in the meantime - see you on Facebook.
My love to you all. Please do keep in touch.

 The final walk around in our room before the work was displayed to the rest of the groups the following day.

The organisation of the Geelong Forum has now passed to Bronnie and Larrisa and what a remarkable job they did. Whilst the whole event had an underlying feel of controlled hysteria, it was very well organised. The event was a great combination of fun and great teaching. I was honoured to be teaching alongside such a fabulous list of tutors. You can see who taught at the Forum here -

 Bronnie and Larrisa.

The last evening saw everyone dressing up - and one or two glasses of wine were downed . . . .

 Most of my group slightly worse for wear . .

 Just before the dancing began.

 I will leave you with a very beautiful fairy!!!

This post has been brief - I am pushed for time. I could have written so much more - we really did have the best time. Thank you to all my girls and of course - Bronnie and Larrisa. Well done all of you.
It was so very good to see Janet de Boer and Jude Skeers again - whilst they are now taking more of a back seat with this event - it was still marked by thier presence - FAB U LOUS!!!


I am now up in Redditch teaching my ExTeXtra group - my goodness what work they are producing - I will post a few pics later in the week.

Hope you are having a great weekend.


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