2 workshops with The Embroiderers' Guild ACT Inc 4 - 6 April

A large skeleton leaf bonded onto a black background. The leaf then had painted Bondaweb ironed onto it which was then foiled. Just FAB!

What a fabulous time I had in Canberra. I was so well looked after - in fact spoilt by my host Robyn Duncan, I didn't really want to leave.

My first workshop was On the Surface - my basic one day Bondaweb workshop or Vliesofix as it is called over here. We had great fun painting and decorating the Bondaweb. The group worked hard and produced some excellent samples. We also dabbled with newspaper - it had to happen.

Here are a few of the samples, using threads, paper and transfer foils.


The next workshop was a 2 day version of Creating Original Designs ad Making Printing Blocks. We started with the students painting a journey. Regular readers will be familiar with this by now.

Then we did an 'expanded' and a 'flipped out' exercise. This way the group have 3 opportunities for taking sections with 'L' shapes.

Once the students had isolated the design they wished to work with they traced if off onto tracing paper.

Part of the room - heads down and very quiet - working hard.

Once the designs had been decided on they were transferred onto self adhesive foam and foam core board. The design was then cut from the foam using a scalpel. One design created 2 blocks - a positive and a negative.

Then the printing started . . . . .

This in my lovely group of girls - what fun we had.

I really did have a fabulous time in Canberra - with some ladies who were just divine. I will be going back - at some stage . . . .

This is my third time in Australia - and the first time I have seen Kangaroos - Hurrahh!!!! At last!

A large group feeding in the late evening sun.

I didn't have a lot of time to spare in Canberra but I did manage to get the the National Arboretum with it's amazing views over Canberra.

This wonderful sculpture was on the top of one of the hills - made from old bits of scrap metal - stunning.


I am now in Ballarat and am getting ready to start teaching my first session tonight. There are about 17 tutors here. Many of whom I have met before. It is great to catch up with old friends. There will be a bit of a party atmosphere all week.

I am writing this post fast as I have had to come to McDonalds in Ballarat to post this - they have excellent wifi - which the school where I am teaching this week, doesn't seem to have - ggrrrRR!!!

Need to dash off now to the supermarket for last minute bits and pieces and then lunch back at school. Will post more of what is happening here as and when I can. It is very wet here - I hear it is sunny back home - Huh!!!!! Enjoy.

x x x x

Hello Jill, Diana, Tod and himself!


  1. Looking good so far, enjoy the looooong party but keep up on your sleep!! xxxx

  2. Beautiful textile design and colors. It really looking antique. I love textile designs which are attractive.

    Robert Green


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