Monday, 17 March 2014

The Jersey Textile Showcase - March 5th - 11th Part the third . . .

We had wonderful weather on Jersey - bright and warm - just wonderful after all the rain. This is the harbour wall at St Aubin. Such gorgeous textures and colours.

The last workshop I taught at the Showcase was a 3 hour version of 'The Journey'. It is a workshop that is very close to my heart, from what appears to be a rather formulaic start, totally original designs are created. By taking sections of the work, designs can be isolated that can be developed . . . . into anything . . .

We got stuck in straight away with my way of mark making - a dreaded phrase I know - but this way is very simple and even enjoyable.

Students use 5 different widths of paintbrush to describe a journey, it could be imaginary - a walk on the moon, through an enchanted forest - or the trip taking the kids to school or trekking through the Himalayas - or any combination of these.


The group were fabulous, we had a great session, there was such a party atmosphere at the Showcase.

Now what are these girl all jostling to take photos of . . . . . . ?

Their work of course . . . these are some of the 'journeys' hung longways . . .
 . . .  and the rest of them.

By not using colour the designs are very clear - colour can be very distracting.
I love taking sections of the 'journeys' when they are hung together. Using a camera is a very simple way to isolate sections. The groups work is never on the wall for long - so you have to be quick.

As you can see - in just three hours -  the group produced work that could inspire them for years to come.

There was lots of coming and going at the Showcase, while I was teaching in the workshop the lovely Maggie Grey was in the cafe next door signing certificates for the awards she was presenting that night at the Gala dinner.

The inexhaustible Maggie.

I managed to pop into Anne Kelly's workshop 'Travels in Textiles' on the day I was due to leave. This is some of the work hanging up to dry before being made into books. I love the way Anne works - how she draws out a students creativity. Have a look at her blog -

Some fabulous work.

  I missed my ferry home on the Saturday night because my car broke down and there are no ferries on a Sunday, so I eventually got home at midnight on Monday night. But I had 2 days enforced rest just to  - be! It was wonderful.

I went beach combing . . .

              . . .  I took loads of photo of texture and colour . . . .

And I had time to drive about and take in some of the local sights. This is the lighthouse at Corbiere Point.

I hope to have time to post once more about the fabulous workshop I popped into that was being taught by Fay Maxwell - it is a very busy time with Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch at the NEC coming up this week.

I will be launching the new KK Glue and my new book is arriving in time for me to sign copies on my stand - L22.
I will be teaching in The Vilene Workshop - here is the list -

I hope you are enjoying these posts about The Jersey Textile Showcase, I had a brilliant time and am looking forward to going back in 2 years time - if you are tempted - do go.

More soon . . . .  


  1. Thanks again Kim for the mention and link to my blog - you really captured the feeling of the week - glorious! x :)

    1. You are most welcome Anne, didn't we have a fab time? x

  2. lovely pics of the 'journeys' & your own travels & escapades. Are you part of the open house in Brighton May 3/4 or are you teaching elsewhere? I might be in the area...

    1. Hi Emma, I won't be back in the UK until the 6th May - but my jewellery will be at The Pink Bird House, 29 Southdown Avenue Brighton BN1 6EH
      that weekend. Have a great time - Brighton is a fabulous place to be in May. x x x

  3. Oh the workshop looks fabulous. Damn my horrible virus and not being able to be there. I shall just have to track you down another time and come and enjoy the fun. PS you are very lucky the sun was shining, it's been positively grey and foggy pretty much ever since!