Monday, 2 December 2013

Kim's Open House - the first weekend. Saturday November 30th & Sunday December 1st

One of Jayne's crazy fish

Apologies for the delay in updating the blog - life and family have got in the way.
I am way behind with what I would like to share with you - I hope to catch up over the next couple of weeks.

We had the first weekend of the Christmas Open Houses, it was great fun and we had loads of visitors. It always takes longer than you think to set up the house and we just managed to be ready for ten o'clock when we opened. It is great to be home for a few weeks and see so many of my friends.

We have 2 new exhibitors in the house this year - John Culligan - who turns wood - and Ria Wilson who makes fabulous jewellery.

The rest of the team is in place - Ember Vincent who creates beautiful raku ceramics

and Jose Heasman who makes wonderful stained glass pieces . . . .

. . . and Mary's Lamb who makes beautiful hats, scarves and great little teddy bears.

 . . . .  and Jayne Routely maker of the crazy fish . . . and sheep . .and owls . . .  and bags . . . .

 . . .  and Judy Martin is back - with fighting cats and dizzy Dalmatians . . . 

And of course - my jewellery . . . . .

 I am also showing a few of my newspaper faux chenille canvases.

 . . .  and the lovely Sylvia Lynton is exhibiting her textile gardens . . . 

We have two more weekends to go - if you would like any more information on my Open House - go to -



  1. A feast for the eyes Kim - and the purse! Wish I could be there.

  2. Thanks Lin, I must say I am very pleased with this mix of artists - they have produced some fabulous work. x x x