Monday, 19 August 2013

A chance meeting in the loo . . . !

    Ann's first try out of 'flipping out'!

As many of you will know, The Festival of Quilts is always a very busy show. You bump into all kinds of friends, ex students and colleagues. . . and not just on your stand.

I met Ann Piker when we were both queueing for the loo!!! We started chatting and Ann told me how helpful she had found this simple exercise she had seen on this blog. Whilst I always hope that someone out there is reading this - you never really know. You can analyse statistics, but it is always better to hear these things first hand. I asked Ann to send me some images - and here they are in all their glory.

This exercise is taken from a book my tutor Maeve Edwards gave me when she retired from teaching. I worked through two stitch based diplomas with Maeve and it was she that sent me firmly down the experimental route of textiles, for which I will be forever grateful. The book is Creative Paper Craft by Ernst Rottger. It was first published in 1961 by Batsford. Who knew that when Maeve gave me the book that I would also be writing for Batsford later in my career? Life is a funny old thing . . .

Ann's second go at the exercise - becoming more adventurous.

I am not by any means the only tutor who uses this exercise - several of us use it. It is so versatile. All you need is black and white paper, a scalpel, cutting mat and glue - and of course your brain - not a computer!!!!

As you can see from the images Ann sent - she becomes more confident each time she tries the exercise.

 And here is the result - a beautiful wall hanging. A totally original design.

Isn't it FAB!!!? 

Thank you so much for sending me the images Ann - it was great to meet you. Do keep in touch.

It can be a nightmare getting a design based course to run - people are so afraid of the 'D' word - however - my design course Creating Original Designs does seem to run at Art Van Go, so I teach it there every year. The next one is Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th June next year if anyone is interested. 
It looks as though it will be the only time I teach it next year (apart from as part of my Experimental Textiles course in Redditch)  so . . . .

It's a bit early for the course to be advertised on their website, but you can always give them a ring - 01438 814946.


 Life is just as hectic - I am teaching a three day workshop 'A New Starting Point' this week at Foredown Tower - which is local - Yippee! and I am trying to catch up with paperwork - not very successfully.

Hope you are all having a great Monday.


Hello Jill and Diana.
x x


  1. I love this! Thank you for posting it.

    1. . . . and thank you for your thank you Lin . . . x x x

  2. Thanks Beverly - didn't Ann do well? It's great to be able to share it. x

  3. Ah the D word -- so scary to so many people, but it's just playing with paper, isn't it - as Ann's example shows!

  4. Indeed it is Margaret - so simple and SO useful.
    Have a great weekend, Kim x