Monday, 4 March 2013

Texturing Decovil 1

Beach huts on Seaford beach front.

I had a rare weekend off this weekend and spent a lot of it at my sisters in Seaford. We had a great time together with lots of food and drink and a good walk on Sunday morning in the freezing cold. These modern beach huts line a section of the front and are very cheerful.

I have been trying out some techniques for my workshops at the NEC this month. I will posting more information next week. I want to show how versatile the Decovil 1 iron-on interfacing is and one way to work with it is to texture it. At the moment I am using 5" texture pockets which aren't really big enough. Sissix were bringing out 12" texture pockets but they still haven't materialised. If any of you know of any 12" pockets I would be grateful if you could let me know.

I cut an 'envelope' style bag out of Decovil 1 with my Big Shot Pro die cutting machine.

  I then foiled the sticky side with transfer foil.

 I used the small texture pocket to texture the surface of the bag, it took four goes. A 12" plate would be faster and more accurate.

 A close up of the texture. It looks and feels like tooled leather - FAB!
 Black paint was lightly dabbed onto the surface with a sponges and then wiped off.
I then added a little Treasure Gold to pick up the surface. Apologies for the out of focus image. As most of you know I don't use oil based products as rule because of the fumes, but sometimes it is the only thing to use.

It will take too long to texture 10 pieces of work in a 45 minute workshop so I will have to use smaller pieces of Decovil 1 - maybe enough for an I Pod cover.


I start my journey to Glasgow tomorrow, I will stay at Carlisle tomorrow night and then hit Glasgow mid morning on Wednesday ready to set up my stand.
I love doing the Creative Stitches show at Glasgow, we always get such fabulous visitors.
Margaret Beal will be there demonstrating and so will Wendy Dolan. Wendy, her hubby Rob and I tend to hang out together up there. There is a wonderful old cinema that has been gutted and refurbished with 2 seater leather sofas with tables at either end to take your bottle of wine and tapas. It's just fabulous! I think we are going to see Lincoln sometime this week.

I will report back from the show, there will no doubt be something gorgeous to show you.


Jill, I will wave on the way up . . x

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