Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Craft, Hobby & Stitich International at the NEC

The Freudenberg Vilene stand at the NEC.

Whew!! Well that was a weekend!
The show was on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It was VERY busy on Sunday and then less so as the show went on. I enjoy working at the trade show. It is less frantic than the usual consumer shows that I do. There is an air of calm as all the visitors wander about the show meeting their contacts on different stands and doing deals. Everyone is very smart and tidy.

My job was to demonstrate the more unusual techniques that you are all familiar with using Vilene products on the stand and also running the retailer workshops for Vilene. This involves teaching a forty five minute workshop every day for twenty retailers. The workshops were a bit manic - I think I tried to do too much . . . We were foiling on to my new loves Decovil 1 and Decovil light. We then printed onto the Decovil light with acrylics and the excellent Colourful Thoughts multi surface paints from Craftynotions. These surfaces would be fabulous for stitching into, by hand or machine.

We then ran the foiled Decovil 1 through my Big Shot machine using texture folders to create - texture! The textures were then very lightly rubbed with paint to show up the design.


The metallic, shiny surface of the foil contrasted nicely with the matt surface of the paints.

The final workshop was yesterday morning at 9.30 and as soon as the lovely lady second from the left walked in I knew it would be party time!!! Do any of you recognise her?

I am home for two days then I am back up to the midlands to teach the last Experimental Textiles session.
It was great to see Viv and Kevin from Art Van Go on a rare day 'off' and many other friends including Liz, Denise and Angie.


I will report back on how my 'girls' are doing on the last session before their show at the NEC in March - gulp! 



  1. Kim you are a devil woman - now I HAVE to get some Decovil, the effects are wonderful.....
    and I don't recognise the pretty lady in the pic - so spill the beans or the kid gets it!

  2. Ha Ha!!! You know I only write about things I like. I genuinley love the 2 Decovils ALMOST as much as I love Bondaweb. You wait till you feel it - it's kinda like leather to touch - whoo hoo!
    And the lady 2nd from the left,is Kathy Troup, editor of Stitch magazine. You can imagine how I felt when she walked in to the room. Luckily she is not at all daunting and we always have a laugh when we see each other. x