Monday, 8 October 2012

A day out . .

 A close up of the rust eating into a beam on some winching gear.

 I had a day out yesterday and I took my 'big' camera with me. I am increasingly using my mobile phone's camera for convenience but there is nothing like holding a proper SLR in your hands and taking time to compose the shot. It has been quite a while since I took time out just to enjoy looking . . .
Living in Brighton I have the luxury of two piers - the Palace Pier and the West Pier. The Palace Pier is still in operation and is full of gift shops, candy floss and a fun fair with lots of rides. The poor old West Pier is slowly falling into the sea. The West Pier is a photographers paradise with all the wonderful shapes of the exposed metal work. . . So it was with great interest that I explored the seafront at Eastbourne and the pier.

 Two of the beautiful copper locks on the folding bandstand doors.
 The amazing steel work that supports the pier.
(I took loads of these)
 Steel cable starting to rust and the torn, distressed tarpaulin that once protected it.

 Another part of the machinery that was used pull the pleasure boats up the beach.

Beautiful colours and shapes.
The pier at Eastbourne.

 All present and correct - unlike our poor old West Pier.
 Beautiful cast iron seats on the pier.

 A cormorant resting.

 Seed heads within the flower displays.

Gorgeous shapes.

I had fish and chips for lunch on the pier and then an ice cream wandering along the prom in the sun. It was a great day. Eastbourne isn't as busy as Brighton so you get a chance to sit quietly and watch the world go by - VERY relaxing. 

All this steel and rust has made me want to go back to Dungeness, take some photographs and maybe even draw!!!! However - I have a photo shoot to organise and work arriving from all over the world - it's all very exciting.

I will teaching my ExTex group at the weekend, we will be dyeing on Saturday and transfer printing on Sunday - all that colour, we are going to have such fun!



  1. Fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the textures and colours in the rusty photos.

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely photographs - the blues are gorgeous!