Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ocean Grove Beach - Good Friday

 The beach at Ocean Grove.

On Good Friday Gillian and Tony took me down to Ocean Grove Beach and their family beach house. They had arranged a barbecue for the whole family.
I was made very welcome and we had a wonderful feast - after that we went for a walk down to the beach. It is an amazing beach, even on a dark afternoon.


The magpies down here are very beautiful with very striking markings - this magpie posed for me on the sign for the beach. They have the most wonderful warbley song

A surfer braving the waves

  Tony and Pepper striding out.

 Although it was a dark day the beach was very beautiful.


I am now in Ballarat - all the tutors have arrived and we have set up our rooms ready for teaching. The students will be arriving this afternoon and we will have a short session with them this afternoon then there will be a market where we can all sell our wares - I will be selling my brooches.

We start teaching tomorrow - I will do my best to keep up with what the students get up to.


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