Monday, 2 April 2012

Melbourne - city of graffiti!

A new style of graffiti - lots of sketchy black lines rather than one thick line.

Laziza, David and I spent yesterday afternoon and evening mooching about Melbourne centre. They showed me this lane full of wonderful graffiti - one of many I was told. The work is pretty stunning and shows several different styles.

 Even the refuse bins are covered.

 This is the lovely Laziza who has been looking after me so well since I arrived in this fair country.

There were some interesting black and white designs. Great to take sections from.

 A very complicated doodle.


Some of the graffiti also used collage . . .

I have loads more images from Federation Square but I will leave them for tomorrow - I think these are enough for today.

Enjoy . .  x


  1. Passing the link to your blog on to my son who has been a Graffiti artist for over 20 years, he will love looking at these fabulous pieces.

    1. Hi Carol, I hope he enjoys it. I have more on my 'Kim Thittichai' Facebook page, but you may have seen that already? x

  2. wow that work is stunning, so nice to see graffiti taken to a new level, enjoy your trip x