Friday, 23 March 2012

Two little girls eating ice cream . . . !

Bobby Britnell and Viv from Art Van Go eating the delicious ice creams we are all addicted to at the show. So many flavours to try and only 4 days to try them  . . . .

We had another really busy day today - I didn't have time to get off the stand to take any photos, I will go in early tomorrow and take some. 

It was great to see Bobby Britnell demonstrating her brilliant techniques on the Art Van Go stand - she is SO talented and runs fabulous workshops at her beautiful home in Shropshire.
I don't get to see Bobby often enough but will be teaching my 'Print, Paint, Stitch and Play' workshop in her wonderful studios August 14th - 16th so I will be able to catch up with her again then.

I love doing this show as so many of my friends are here and you always meet new and exciting artists as well, we work very hard but we do have a good time too - hence the photo!

I will show you more tomorrow

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