Thursday, 23 February 2012

Laying low . . !

Fabulous bright colours - just what we need to lift the heart!
Old plastic bottles, painted and turned into lights.

This is just a short post to say I will be laying low for a few days. I have shingles!!! On my head and neck - ouch! So orders from will be taking slightly longer to get out - they are getting out - just more slowly than usual . . . Hope to be back up to normal deliveries next week.

At least it has happened now and not in three weeks time. 
I will still have time to recover before I leave for Australia.

Take care all of you,  x x x


  1. Oh, Kim, I am SOO sorry to hear this! We just had our shingles vaccine last week. My husband had shingles and I would not wish that on anyone. DO take care of yourself and try to avoid stress. That is a killer for shingles and my husband was told that it is stress that brings it on, so try to be nice to yourself. I hope you got the pills in time to kill it off. Take care. I am thinking about you ��

  2. Thank you my lovely, it really is quite disgusting. I hate not being able to get on with what I need to do but there are worse things. I keep thinking that if I had broken my leg I would really be in trouble, that doesn't really help with the pain though.

    I got 'the drugs' quite quickly. At least I should be fit (?) in time for Australia. It would appear to be a sign that I need to slow down . . . . x x x

  3. Hi Darling, poor you, I know how horrible it is, both mum & dad have had it in the last 5 years. Make sure you take some time out and relax. I got Sarah's book today after seeing it on your blog; looks wonderful so am hoping for a few creative moments over the weekend.Lots of love xxxx

  4. Thank you baby - it is horrible! Glad you got the book - it is FAB! I love the way all the simple processes build up to gorgeous surfaces.
    It's nearly July . . . x x x

  5. Get well soon!
    I attended your workshop at NEC on monday...wasn't sure what to expect and I was totally blown away! thank you.

  6. Thank you Bethan, I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop and hope you find that technique useful. x

  7. Sending BIG HUGS!!!!

    You poor thing! ...horrible affliction...

    Hopefully the medication will see it off in plenty of time for F&E and Aussie Land :-)

  8. Thank you my lovely, it is indeed horrible!!!
    Hope to be well for F & E - it's Glasgow I'm worried about . . . . x x x