Friday, 17 February 2012

Girly AND dainty!

Slip covers for the books that were pictured on the blog yesterday. 
Decovil - new iron-on interfacing, dyed and then decorated with layers of newspaper, painted Bondaweb and gilding flake.

First I was girly - and now I am being dainty - very unusual for me. I have managed to finish 2 book covers and make some more jewellery. I seem to have sold most of my first batch.

The cover on the left is finished with acrylic wax and the one on the right was covered with a sheet of Lamifix gloss, hence it is shiny and wipe able. Lamifix also comes in a matt finish if you don't want your work looking tooooo shiny.

Here is the dainty part - I have been drilling my jewellery pieces to make them into longer earrings with the tiniest drill bit. I have now managed to get it down to a fine art AND remember to breathe. 

Layered newspaper and painted Bondaweb ironed onto Heavy Pelmet Vilene Plus then cut to shape on a die cutting machine.

My lovely friend Jane Sadgrove who owns the shop Beads Amore in Sevenoaks has been helping me. Jane runs fabulous workshops in her shop and has the most amazing array of beads I have ever seen. I stayed with Jane when we both did the Bluewater show recently and she introduced me to oval jump rings - they make such a difference to the way your dangles dangle . . . .You may have seen Jane at some of the shows as she used to the 'show organiser' for The Beadworkers Guild and created amazing displays on their stands. What Jane doesn't know about beading isn't worth knowing.

I mustn't leave out a certain gentleman in the Portsmouth area who helped me source the tiny drill bits I needed . . . .

I will eventually add all kind of lovely beads and develop necklaces and collars, these are all very basic - but that won't be till after I get back from the Antipodes.

I made myself two brooches to go with the earrings - they measure 4" across, when you are a big girl you need large accessories!!!

 I have few more 'blanks' to play with - I am looking forward to making necklaces.

O.K that's the fun bit over, now I must get back to work and start cutting up and packing all the Heavy Pelmet Vilene Plus, painted newspaper and painted Bondaweb - for 60 people - aarrGGHH!!!

Have a great weekend - will post again when I get back from the show next week.



  1. Lovely earrings, very good idea!
    gr. Marjolijn

  2. Thank you my dear! I am loving actually making something, rather than just developing samples.
    If I had more time . . . x

  3. Love the earrings and brooch. Have a good time down under.