Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas!

West Dean College grounds in January this year

 * Happy Christmas to you all *
It has been a very busy year. I have met some some fabulous people, had great fun on all my workshops and managed to catch up with most of my friends. I am very lucky to have created a working life I love so much, my own little textile world.

My little textile world recently lost a good friend. Sarah Lawrence will be sadly missed. She was such an important part of mine and so many others lives. Whether you just use the paints and embellishments she developed, watched her on DVD's or the T.V or have been inspired by watching her at shows. Those of you who were lucky enough to be taught by her would know she was a great source of knowledge, good fun and very kind and patient. She also didn't suffer fool's gladly!!! Craftynotions is continuing to trade so we will still be able to play with all their wonderful products

DO IT NOW! Seems to be a good motto for the coming year - don't put things off!

Take time to notice the little things this Christmas my lovelies, enjoy your families, and if you have one - in the words of Mr Stephen Stills - 
"Love the one you're with"!!!!!

Yeehaa!!!! It's Christmas, have a fabulous time.
with my love, Kim x



  1. Have a great time yourself!

    ...and I DO love the one I'm with :-)

    x Chris

  2. That's my girl . . . looking forward to working with you next year - watch out the NEC!!!! x x x

  3. Thank you Gina - and you . . x x x