Thursday, 24 November 2011


My Open House starts this weekend - aarrrGHH!!!!! Some how I WILL be ready. We have a wonderful mix of colour and texture - if you want to know more or fancy coming along for tea and cake - go to

 Syvia Lynton

 Mary Moox

 Lyn Brooks

 Jose Heasman

 Ember Vincent

Gary Smith 

 Jayne Routely

 Kim Thittichai

 Mary's Lamb

Tideline Finds

I'm off to clean windows, display some wonderful work, make some mince pies, hoover, display more work, stick brooch backs to brooches and FINISH SOME WORK to hang!!!



  1. One of these days I will time a visit to my son with your open house :)

  2. I like Ember's ceramics, I'm there in spirit if not in body. Off to K&S at Harrogate with 20 year 10's and a shopping list. xx

  3. ooohh!!! 20 of the little treasures!!!!!??? Make sure you take your brave pills! Have a great time and don't spend toooo much. x x x