Monday, 12 September 2011

Another - A New Starting Point - Moor Hall - October 6th and 7th

 old painted and dyed newspaper layered with polyester organza

Well who would have thought that old newspapers would cause such a stir??? I have had several emails and a couple of comments about yesterdays blog. All asking for more images of the faux chenille - so here you are my lovelies.

Faux chenille is a technique I taught on Experimental Textiles. Experimental Textiles was a four year course that I wrote and taught for 10 years and stopped teaching a couple of years ago. I will be teaching a shortened version starting next May in Redditch, for more details go to -

There are many tutorials on the Internet and more usually using natural fabric, but basically you layer at least 6 layers of Fabric/Newspaper, stitch tramlines or channels down the entire piece and then cut through the top 5 layers making sure you DON'T cut through the bottom layer. Easier said than done with newspaper. I back mine with dyed craft/pelmet Vilene. You can then distress your piece with a nail brush or something similar. If using fabric you pop it into the washing machine and it 'blooms up' like old candlewick bedspreads . . .  if any of you are old enough to remember them!!!!

I like the contrast of shiny synthetic polyester organza and the matt newspaper, if you are not going to wash your faux chenille you can try anything. I am totally hooked on using old newspapers now, I have stacks and stacks that I have been drying, using and saving and using, drying and saving. Because I use the same newspapers over and over again to protect my table table when I am dying and painting I get the most wonderful build up of colour. FABULOUS!!!
Try using old catalogues, magazines . . . . whatever you have to hand.

We will be experimenting with stitching and printing into and onto faux chenille at Moor Hall on the 6th and 7th October - we are going to have SUCH fun. you can book by going to Bobby's website - 

Have fun!



  1. Have made a bag using this tequinique with fabric but this looks great fun. Now I shall have to build up a stash of 'mucky' paper!!

  2. 'Mucky girls' have more fun . . ! x

  3. Is there an equivalent water soluble product like Solufleece in the US? Would rather not have to pay shipping from the UK to try this.

  4. . . you could try Soluvlies 321 . . . Let me know how you get on. x