Friday, 19 August 2011

HOT New Surfaces for Stitch - Day 2

 Vilene Spunbond layered with polyester organza

So - the second day. We played with distressing Tyvek this morning using single layers and ironing lightly between baking parchment and this afternoon we started layering properly - combining layers of Tyvek with polyester organza, and then Vilene Spunbond with polyester organza.

Tyvek and polyester organza before it was zapped with a heat gun

and after it was zapped

Vilene Spunbond and polyester organza before it was zapped

and after it was zapped

This is the 'naughty' table taking tea in the garden, when you are using heat guns it is important to have regular breaks , preferably in the fresh air 

This is Kevin of Art Van Go - partner to Viv

 . . .  and this is Viv

I love teaching at Art Van Go, apart from the fact that everything is so well organised, we are waited on hand and foot and they serve chocolates with afternoon tea - It is always good to see Viv and Kevin. I don't see them often enough so it is great to be seeing for several days this time.

I love this sample - the colour combination is FAB. Tomorrow we will be cutting these samples back further with soldering irons to create more definition.

This is a short post as I now need to to get onto Instant Messenger to 'talk' to a certain structural engineer in Dubai!!!! I will be dashing up to Redditch tomorrow night after the course so will update the final day sometime after Sunday.


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  1. Kim, just to let you know that I've posted the pictures that I took on the AVG blog, with links back to yours