Monday, 8 August 2011


 This is me with my wonderful sister - I am on the right! I have lost some weight - really - It was SO windy we could hardly stand up, we were hanging on to each other for dear life

I got to Dungeness yesterday morning with my sister and parents. I managed to park them in the local cafe while I dashed about taking some very fast photos. It is an amazing place, very bleak but - fascinating! I want to go back and spend several days there. I am going to investigate renting somewhere near by for a weekend or more realistically - during the week. Remember you work most weekends Kim!

I was attracted by this little hut on the beach - anyone who knows me knows I love rust - sad but true - I have thousands of images of rust in so very many forms. 

I wonder what a certain structural engineer will think about my little hut? come on Kim - concentrate, you are back to work now!

This is a short post as I must stop dreaming around and get ready for The Festival of Quilts and also get some orders out before I go. I am looking forward to meeting up with lots of friends at the show. The shows I do at the NEC are sometimes the only way I have of keeping in touch with them. Oh!! one day I will slow down - maybe some lovely man will make me???? Stop it Kim!!!
I have just realised that I left my hairdryer and straighteners at our B & B. I have been so relaxed and in a daze, I haven't been firing on all cylinders - mmmm!!!!

Right - off to mow the lawn and get some orders in the post  . . . . . 

I bet you are laughing out loud now Jill . . .  x

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  1. How embarrassing, I didn't realise that it was that loud! Enjoying the sunset from my balcony by the sea at Newport, Oregon. Glass of cava in hand of course. xx