Thursday, 4 August 2011


the desired result

 AARRGGHHHH!!!! I have a degree in 3D, excellent hand to eye co-ordination, I can assemble a flat pack chest of drawers in under an hour - but could I work out how to fold my new packaging for my books????? Oh it was SO frustrating - the packaging came with instructions and I couldn't make anything work - I had to ring the supplier in the end and the lovely man at the end of the phone explained it was quite normal, either you got it the first time or you didn't. Once he had talked me through the VERY simple folding process I was fine . . . . . if a little embarrassed.

All you have to do is go from this - 

to this - 

to this!!!

It was a salutary reminder that we all need different kinds of instruction depending on the kind of learner we are. 
Visual learners learn through seeing
Auditory learners learn through listening
Tactile/Kinesthetic learners learn through doing, moving and touching

I wonder which learning style is most common to those of you reading this blog? I think we can see very quickly which is my style . . . .


I am off to Winchelsea today for a long weekend with my family. I hope to get to Dungeness beach to take some moody photos - if it stops raining!!! It's pouring down at the moment, and I have to unload the car which still has all my kit in from the summer school last week. Then I can reload it with my parents and their cases . . . I will back on Monday ready to sort my kit for F.O.Q. next week - Yeeehaaa!!! it's going to be an amazing show.

Have a great weekend!


love to Jill - hope you are having a fantastic time . . .  x

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