Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bryan's Ground - 11th June

As I needed to drive up to Mostyn in North Wales for Sunday morning I thought I would take it slowly and visit a garden and a friend and colleague on the way up - North Wales is a long way from Brighton!!! I decided to try to find Bryan's Ground after I saw the images on Angie Hughes' blog recently. I wasn't disappointed. Bryan's Ground is the most beautiful and quirky garden I have visited. Absolutely STUNNING!!!!! www.bryansground.co.uk Bryan’s Ground, Stapleton, near Presteigne, Herefordshire LD8 2LP - if you want visit you need to hurry, the garden has very limited opening times and it closes for the year on the 18th July. 

It is a very intimate garden, beautifully laid out and everything exquisitely placed. It just falls short of being manicured which makes it even more gorgeous. Everywhere you turn there is a surprise and a lovely vista.

There are formal areas and crazy areas, this place has to be seen to be believed.

the planting is stunning

a surprise around every corner

amazing colour combinations

the garden is open from 2pm - 5pm, it gives you just enough time to wander around, get lost, discover where you are and have time for tea and cake - bliss

there are some very quirky areas and displays - nothing is wasted

I really do urge to see this incredible garden - x


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