Friday, 8 April 2011

Catch up week.

book cover created by melting plastic shopping bags together between baking parchment

 Wow!!! What wonderful weather! I hope most of you in the U.K have managed to get out in the sun - if only for a few minutes. It is not until it gets quite warm that you realise just how dark and cold it has been. From my window I can see the early sun on the white blossom of the Hawthorn tree at the bottom of the garden against the bright pale blue sky - beautiful.

One of my jobs to catch up with this week is to write a few workshops for the VERY patient Kathy Troup of Stitch magazine, Kathy has only been waiting for 2 years. While going through my images to decide which ones to use I came across some I had put somewhere very safe - and then couldn't find them!!!!! 

Early this year Laura Manning sent me these fabulous images of book covers and small bags created using melted plastic bags. I met Laura at the Design and Technology show last November and she told me that she had been running these workshop with children. Laura is one those inspirational teachers that enthuse children to create stunning work. I asked Laura to send me the images to post on the blog which she duly did. I am now - eventually - sharing them with you. I hope you also think they are FAB! 

 I also received the image below last week from Alison Cox in Australia. Alison was on my course in Orange NSW last April where we worked with Vilene Spunbond amongst other things. I love the plastic grass . . . . . 

O.K Kim, back to the grindstone now - keep writing those workshops for Kathy . . . then you can start packing for Spain - I am taking so many products with me for the students that I will hardly have any room for clothes. Luckily Easyjet don't weigh your hand luggage. If I have time I may post a quick blog to show you how are are getting on. 


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