Friday, 29 April 2011

A bit of a disaster!

this is how my head feels after the tears and the panic!!!!
I got back from a a brilliant 2 days at Art Van Go to find that my mail order company website was down. Not only down but annihilated - there has been a fire where the server is housed and I have lost all the information about orders and subscribers after 11th February this year. This is a nightmare as I have just had my busiest 2 months ever. All changes made to the site since then have also been lost. It will take a couple of weeks to get the site up to speed. The company that look after the site are working virtually 24 hours to get all their customers back up and running.

If you ordered from me after 11th February and wish to order again you will need to re enter your details for which I apologise, similarly if you subscribed to the newsletter after that date you will need to re subscribe.

I'm sorry to be so down on what was such a lovely day for 'The Wedding' but thought you all ought to know in case you had tried to order and couldn't access the site.

I will, no doubt, be back to my usual happy self on the next post when I update you about our antics at Art Van Go.,

yours VERY fed up - x

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  1. what a terrible thing to happen honey hope it gets sorted very soon xxx