Sunday, 2 January 2011

I must . . . I must . . . .

Well it's here! Happy New Year to you all!
Have you made any resolutions? I must say I now tend to avoid making any as I can never keep them. It is too easy to let 'life' get in the way. I didn't keep my accounts up to date so I now have a mad dash to get them ready for the end of the month. It wouldn't be THAT hard to do - I just don't do it. I was reading an article in a magazine the other day the other day about time management and came across a reference to Parkinson's Law

“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”

We have all heard of this adage but this time it really made me think. I found an interesting blog -Tools for Thought that you may find useful if you have similar problems getting down to things. 

Being self employed is probably the worst way for me earn a living. I find it very difficult to get motivated when there is no pressure of time. This is very wasteful and I could achieve so much more - the articles that are waiting to be written for various (very patient) magazine editors. The new samples and design boards I need to get ready for the shows this year. . . . . 

lovely piles of receipts to sort out

One person who doesn't seem to have a problem with time management is Arlee who has a fascinating blog Albed - chronicles of concupiscientia oculorum Do have a good look at this excellent blog. There are loads of links to explore - I found it all very exciting.
Arlee is one of a group of artists that is hosting the The Sketchbook Challenge - A brilliant idea that will be wonderful to follow to see how it grows and develops. There is a permanent link on the left of this blog but here is another one The Sketchbook Challenge or you could sign up and join in.
We all need inspiration and a good kick to get going every now and then.

That's enough prevarication for now - I'm off to finish sorting my receipts and then paint up 5 metres of Bondaweb for a school workshop I am doing in Andover on Tuesday. I also need to find all my heat guns - I put them somewhere that I would easily find them after the D & T show, and now I cant find them - aARRGHHHH!!!!!!!!

Have a great first week of 2011

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