Sunday, 8 August 2010

Inspiration - at LAST!!!

I was lucky enough to attend the residential TSG summer school from the 26th - 30th July at Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire. Three tutors were delivering workshops and I choose Shelley Rhodes's class. The main exercise of the week was to develop new ideas and possibly a new piece of work based on manipulated photographs.

As most of my students know - particularly those who have done 'Experimental Textiles', I am not keen on using photographs as a primary source for work. I have always preferred to use drawings, prints, anything else. However - I have now changed my mind. Shelley was an inspiration. She was a great tutor with a well planned structure to the week that kept all 16 students very busy and excited. Half way though the week I realised I was developing on an idea that has been lurking at the back of mind for some time. 

Some of you may have seen my piece 'Capstones' at various shows. Capstones was based on a line of stones that capped a wall that I saw in Devon several years ago. I was drawn to the simplicity of the shapes and the amazing colours of the stone. The finished work is 7' wide. It is very simple but works. I have never had time to develop the theme but am now raring to go. As you will see from the following photographs I had great fun and the theme is developing. I hope to have a new range of work ready for my Open House November/December. 


The original photograph was one of a close up of one of my pieces using strips of stitched and dyed paper. the photograph was then scratched into and dyed. Extra strips of paper were added along with hand stitch.

original photo manipulated

Parts of the manipulated photographs were transferred onto various fabrics. I chose viscose satin and cotton organza. Then the fun began. These samples are VERY basic. We had to work very fast so nothing is particularly well stitched or resolved but the possibilities are there. I am very excited about developing this theme. I have been doing so much teaching recently I haven't had time to stop and think what I would like to do next. Now I know. I just have to write another 17.000 words for my next book and I can start on my new pieces. AARRGHHHH!!!

pieces of image transferred fabric ironed onto dyed Decovil. (new pelmet Vilene)
more image transferred fabric hand stitched into then stitch onto dyed Classic Pelmet Vilene. Dyed papers were added and then hand stitched. The spacing isn't right on this piece but you get the idea.

So - watch this space . . . . 

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