Friday, 9 July 2010

The Final Day

The work included in this post was created by - 
Marilyn Donovan, Ann Davies, Vonnie Huguenet, Charlotte Pugh, Helena Mundy, Teresa Surtees, Annie Cannan, Julie Tolman, Selma Eroglu and Dorothy Stevenson.

 What a FAB group of girls - we had a such a great 4 days. They produced an amazing amount of designs and colour combinations. We discussed how you get inspired in the first place and how you can develop and interpret those ideas into your own work. Six of this group are coming back to the Connaught Centre on the 19th to do a 4 day Hot Textiles workshop. I'm really looking forward to it.

Here are some more images for you - enjoy!

The final display of work

Selma painting her design
 Teresa's first fabric print

Julie Tolman's display

This is a section Helena Mundy's scrap paper she cleaned her roller/brayer on.
gorgeous isn't it?

 Marilyn's sample trying out her block and overprinting onto fabric

 I am trying to upload a slide show of images from the workshop but I am not having much luck, I will try again later . . . . . 

Have good weekend

An update! 24/7/10
Ann Davies is a dab and with beads and has started making a pendant based on one of her designs developed on this workshop.

Isn't it FAB!!! what a clever girl.


  1. Hi Kim, I had such an amazing four days and I am green with envy at those lucky 6 who are doing Hot Textiles. Must find out when the next one is and try to get myself on board. I got so much out of the course and have been continuing the good work at home! I really miss our group of girls even though I didn't know any of them at the start, they were such a great bunch. Best wishes and much love to all Annie

  2. Hello All from Jersey. I know how Annie feels, I had such a good time I didn't want it to end. I will be keeping an eye on the blog to see how the girls are getting on in Hot Textiles. Big Thanks to Kim for sharing her time and knowledge. Kind Regards, Helena

  3. Hi Kim, Just wanted to say thank you for such a great four days of pure indulgence last week It was great to spend four days amoungst like minded people who had the same interest and passion for a subject I love, the girls were great company. It was my first summer school and was great after the first day to know I was going to return for three more days of even more fun. I learnt such a lot. I will be stalking you on your web page to find out if and when the next workshops are running. I'm back at work this week and have withdrawal symptoms of being in a creative enviroment I'm up to my eyes in paperwork but no paints in sight!! Hope everyone is enjoying their new found skills and love to everyone Julie (a textile designer in the making!!!)xx