Monday, 5 July 2010

Back to the coal face.


 getting down to action

I have started teaching my summer schools. This week it is Design, Inspiration & Interpretation at the Connaught Centre in Hove. I have a FAB group who created an amazing amount of work today. The first session the students got down to a relaxing 'play' with paint and brushes describing a journey, imaginary or otherwise. This is an exercise from my book Experimental Textiles so if you have the book you can see the exercise in action.

developing the 'mark making'

I always check with my students to make sure they are happy for me to photograph them and for their work to be published either in one of my books, websites or now on this blog. 

 all of the journeys pinned up on end

The students then got on with the next exercise which was the 'flipping out' exercise from Experimental Textiles. This is one by Charlotte and it wont go into the centre of the page. . . . AARRGHH!!!


Tomorrow we will be taking sections, isolating designs and looking at colour. If there is time we will start on making the printing blocks.
I love teaching this workshop, hot textile techniques are all very well but this is what it's all about- creating ORIGINAL designs. Once I get used to how to do things on blogs I will upload a slide show of a selection of the work.


  1. Oh how exciting.........seeing us busy at work...Loved the first day and can't wait for tommorow......Teresa x

  2. It's great to see the pages from your book being brought to life looks like a lot of fun wish I was there