Wednesday, 7 July 2010

3rd day and looking good . . . .

 some of the flipped out designs
 taking a section

Well we have just finished our third day and the ladies have done me proud. Having done all the black and white work yesterday we started by taking sections with 'L' shapes. Any of the design exercises that had been created could be used. The students then traced off 4 designs to choose 2 for making up printing blocks.
Before making up the blocks the students did some flipping and mirroring exercises with their designs to see how they would look. These exercises were then painted in 2 colours. 
This one (above) by Teresa Surtees had been flipped and mirrored twice


 Printing blocks were then made from self adhesive funky foam and mount board. This work is by Helena Mundy. The first experiments to see how the blocks look when printed.

             This block is by Charlotte Pugh.

Having the first play with the block

some rather fab overprinting by Annie Cannan

So come back later in the week to see how the ladies developed their designs into fabric - one more day to go . . .

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