Thursday, 2 October 2014

Experimental Textiles - 4th session Still life and collage

It used to be an apple for the teacher . . . .

So - we have had the fourth session of Experimental Textiles already - time is flying. I save the still life until the fourth session as by then as the groups are feeling more comfortable with each other and friendships are starting to form. The girls are all starting to support each other.

Drawing and painting in front of other people is always uncomfortable. Few of us are naturally talented, but the exercise of looking and recording what you see is very valuable. I find that asking the groups to draw and paint a large scale still life is a bit less scary for them than a smaller scale one.

The weekend group concentrating hard on their drawings.

We spent the whole of the first day of the two day sessions making various drawings and paintings, using a range of media. Several of the drawings/paintings will be torn up the next day to create a collage. Telling the students that their work may well be torn up makes them place less importance on their drawings and paintings, freeing them up.
If the student is particularly pleased with a piece of work, then of course they don't have to tear it up.

Jane found this pose very relaxing . . . . .

Caroline in the zone . . . .

Three of the paintings - lots of freedom and colour.

The girls tearing and stitching.

Collaging is a great way of looking at shape, spaces in between . . . .

The stitch tends to be free form, interpretive, rather than traditional stitches, though the girls are welcome to use them if they wish. We use all manner of yarns and threads from embroidery threads to knitting yarns.

The girls will be finishing off their collages for homework. I am REALLY pleased with what they are doing - we have a bumper crop!!

x x x 

It has been an interesting week so far . . . I had to cancel a lecture due to family ill health. It is not something I do lightly. I hate cancelling bookings.
However, things are slowly getting sorted so I can teach my Hot Textiles workshop for Malmesbury Embroiderers Guild on Saturday. I haven't taught in Wiltshire before, I am looking forward to meeting everyone.
So watch this space for more painted Bondaweb and Tyvek shenanigans.

I am also preparing for the Vilene stand at Ally Pally next week - it is now a five day show . . . it will be great to be working with Laura again, I have missed her - she is such fun to work with.

Have a great weekend.

x x x

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