Friday, 4 October 2013

. . whilst lurking in the West Country!

Layered Vilene Spunbond applique cut with a soldering iron and ironed onto Pelmet Vilene light (black).

This time last week I was being mobbed at the Exeter show - my goodness it was busy - at times it was like being at the NEC. It was great to see many of the ladies I had taught on my 'tour' in June in Devon and Cornwall. I had very little time to play on the stand but I did manage to get these samples done ready for Ally Pally next week. I love working with synthetics and a soldering iron - I love the 'oozzy' melting feeling you get as you cut.

I was also visited by this lady who I met when I was teaching in Spain at the Castanea Studios. She was doing a beading course with Jane Sadgrove who was teaching in the other studio.

I have of course completely forgotten her name - but we all had such good fun at the studios.This lovely lady co-ordinated beautifully with the purple stands and carpet at the show. She always dyes her hair purple, I would have recognised her anywhere.

Lynda Monk and Wendy Dolan also had stands at the show - it was great to see them both again - and with such gorgeous work.
Whilst the show was fabulous for meeting up with friends old and new, I was also delighted to be shown this wonderful copy of Marlon the Mandarin fish from my book Layered Textiles - he is a step by step needle felting project.

 Baby Marlon from the front
 . . . and from his underside.

Baby Marlon was created by Janet Tamblin and I have her permission to publish him on this blog. Isn't he just gorgeous???

After the show I stayed with Diana and Les Wright for a couple of nights. I had met Diana when she looked after me (Lord knows somebody needs to)
when I delivered workshops in Totnes, Torquay, Liskeard and Bideford. I knew i wanted to see her again if possible and we both had a couple of free days after the show. It never ceases to amaze me how we continually make good friends. Finding time to see them all can be a problem - however, I know I will be seeing Diana again in Harrogate at The Knitting and Stitching Show and in January at Craft4Crafters where I will have a stand.

We had a tootle about in Plymouth on Monday - I have never been before so it was great to see the town. We didn't wander far from the Hoe, but there was plenty to see just along there and it was great to have a good long walk after being at the show for 4 days.

The Lido has been drained - to reveal the wonderful turquoise stripes.

The railings on the front are painted - turquoise - and I love a spiral . . . .

While we were having lunch at one of the cafes on the Hoe this submarine cruised past - it was fascinating to watch with a Police launch leading it out of the harbour with pilot boats on either side. I twas wonderful to have the time just to sit and watch - something I need to do more of.

This wonderful sculpture overlooks the Marina - a stunning piece of work. it was a very dull day but you can still see how great it is.

We mustn't forget the opportunities for design with all the interesting shapes around the marina and harbour.

I bought Diana a bunch of flowers as thanks for looking after me and this was one of the three pieces of paper the flower were wrapped in - Yep! you've guessed it, we were far more interested in the paper than putting the flowers in a vase.

Isn't it fabulous!? Diana and I have half each and we will see what we both come up with.

One of the workshops that I taught in the West Country was Transforming Transfers. The group created some fabulous work you can see it here -

Diana had created this lovely wall piece from some of her transfer printed samples. The transfer printed fabric and lace has been cut with a soldering iron to give a fabulous wavy edge. The piece had been decorated (sensitively) with glass beads.

The wall piece . . .

 . .  and a detail.

I had a great time in Devon - it has been very hard to wind myself back up again. My thanks to all of you who came to see me - it lovely to chat to you all again and I will hopefully see many of you at Craft4Carfters at the end of January.

I am off to East Grinstead tomorrow to deliver my Hot, New Jewelled Surfaces workshop - I hope the ladies will be gentle with me . . . . 


Hello Jill - how's the leg?

Hello Diana - how is Brighton?

x x x x


  1. Swellings gone down a lot and able to move around better. Simons taking me to see mum tomorrow xx

    1. God bless that man - glad thigns are slightly better my lovely. Enjoy seeing your Mum. x x