Sunday, 30 October 2011

Busy week . . !

 Transfer printed Evolon decorated with strips of silver transfer foiled Hot Spots!

ooohh!!!! It's been a busy week with lots of writing to do - and that means THINKING!!! oohhh! my brain hurts! I just have to finish writing a workshop on Hot Spots! for the German 'Professional Patchwork' magazine then I can start to get my kit ready for teaching at Denman College and Inkberrow Design Centre this week.

There doesn't seem to have been enough hours or days in the past week. My house is still like a bomb site and the Open House is looming at the end of next month. I know it will get done - but when? I am only home for 5 days between now and the 20th November - can you feel the rising panic as I type?

At least I will home enough to pack and post orders for which is getting busier . .  and busier. I shouldn't complain, I am very lucky to do what I do - it's just that there is so much of it at the moment!

So - I will post from Denman during the week so you can see what we get up to. I always have a brilliant time at Denman, great students and fab food - what more could a girl ask??? We are always so well looked after.
I will post about inkberrow next weekend, we are bound to get up to all kinds of mischief there with Brenda Killigrew in charge - it will be a riot! There is never a dull moment with Brenda around.


Hello to a certain gentleman in Portsmouth who was worried because I hadn't posted on here for week. Yes! I am still alive!


Monday, 24 October 2011

A day off!

 Newspaper block printed with Colourful Thoughts multi surface paints (bubblegum & copper)

I had a day off yesterday - Shock! Horror!! I had chance to work on a large piece of newspaper faux chenille - Oh no!!! not newspaper AGAIN you cry!!!

Colourful Thoughts multi surface paints are thick enough to print with and can be watered down to paint Bondaweb and Tyvek and they are gorgeous.

I have a deep box canvas 1m x .30cm I wanted to cover so layered up 7 - 9 layers of old dyed newspapers and backed it with some dyed craft/pelmet Vilene. My finished layers were large enough to cover the canvas and stick down around the edges. I have new wooden printing block I wanted to try out that Sarah Lawrence had given me at Festival of Quilts. I printed the top layer of newspaper, waited for it to dry then pinned all the layers together ready to stitch. I wanted to try stitching wider channel than I have been to see if I liked the effect. The channels are 2" - 3" wide.

My trusty old Bernina 707 battling through all the layers

the stitched channels

Once I had stitched all the channels I cut through the newspaper layers but NOT the craft/pelmet Vilene background.
I then started to distress the cut edges with the tips of my scissors.

I'm not sure if this isn't a bit tooooo distressed. I may revert to a wire brush to create something more restrained - Yes! I did just type restrained.

I have stuck the layers onto the canvas to support the piece as I attack it further. Once I have finished distressing it I will post another image.
Watch this space . . . .  

Saturday, 22 October 2011

. . . finishing touches

Today is my catch up day to finish off and write up my project for the next issue of Workshop on the Web (WOW) Maggie has been VERY patient waiting for me to finish. Another 2 hours and I will be done. 
Then there is more writing (and thinking - Ouch!) to be done for Deena. Hello Deena! You will have your copy this afternoon. I will tell you all what it all about later on this month. Both ladies have been so patient with me this week - what with broken toes and dashing about with parents I have lost a lot of time this week.

This is just a little temptation to show you what I am working on for WOW, you will have to wait till it is published on the web to find out what I am up to and how it is all put together . . . . .

Back to work now - just wanted to say Hello! and have a good weekend. 


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

NEW Creative Bondaweb DVD

Harriet and Jamie Malden - the real stars of my new DVD

Well the filming of the new DVD took place in Amersham on the 13th. We had a great but very busy day. I had stayed overnight with Jamie on my way down from teaching in Redditch the day before so I was ready to rock and roll early.

The filming took place at the Colouricious Studio. You may be familiar with my previous outings on the Talking Threads series of DVD's. Jamie has already produced several DVD's all of which can be found here -  

I found it very difficult to sort out any kind of 'chapter' run. The film was to cover 10 uses of Bondaweb but so many of the proocesses cross over I couldn't get a clear idea of which order to show off this wonderful product. Luckily Jamie sorted out everything into a running order for me. Jamie makes a fabulous producer, she is very calming when you are feeling nervous and makes everything run smoothly. Her daughter, Harriet, was the 'runner' for the day - she was an absolute star. So helpful  . . and patient!!!

The film crew from Turtle Canyon Media were very patient with me and my nerves, they were very proffessional but good fun at the same time. Everything had to be timed so we couldn't muck about too much. I highly recomend them to work with, I haven't seen the film yet - but I know it will be good. 

A random selection of some of the projects covered on the DVD

Jamie's wonderful husband Ted created a beautiful lunch for all of us. The food was amazing, thank you Ted!!!

 The 3 blocks that I used in the film

The night before the filming I was putting some finishing touches onto a few of my samples (I always work right up to the last minute, I am a nightmare!).
I was still experimenting and wanted to try printing onto painted Bondaweb.
Jamie has a wonderful selection of wooden printing blocks that she sells here.

Jamie works with a village in India, helping them to support themselves through making this amazing range of beautiful wooden printing blocks.

I was so pleased with the effect of the printing on that I am going to use it for the project I am currently working on for Workshop on the Web.

fishy prints on painted Bondaweb

I printed off my block onto newspaper as well as Bondaweb

Have I ever mentioned I love newspaper??

So now we wait for the edited film - We hope the DVD will be ready mid November. It's all very exciting.

I'm now going to carry on with my project for WOW it has to be in tomorrow. It is so good to be home and to have a chance to play . . . . . 


Sunday, 16 October 2011

. . . The next 2 days at Inkberrow Design Centre . . .

Bonded layers of Vilene Spunbond CS500

It is SO good to be home - the washing machine is going full pelt, I have so much sorting out to do and the cleaning . . . I left the house in a bit of a mess and surprise surprise - the fairies haven't been in - so will have to attack the cobwebs too - but I am home, for at least a week. Big sigh - wonderful! Domestic goddess? Possibly not!

The second 2 day workshop at Inkberrow Design Centre was Hot Textiles. This is a more basic workshop to teach the safe creative use of irons, heat guns and soldering irons. It was great to have 2 days to spend extolling the wonders of Vilene Spunbond, Bondaweb and Tyvek.

Some of the excellent decorated painted Bondaweb samples. The Bondaweb has been decorated with (from the top) transfer foils and Tyvek, threads, glitter and gilding flake, sequins, gilding flake and transfer foil, skeleton leaves.

To create these layered applique Vilene Spunbond samples - pre dyed Vilene Spunbond was ironed onto Bondaweb as you would when doing iron-on applique. instead of using scissors to cut out shapes, we use a soldering iron. You can create quite intricate shapes by using the soldering iron as a hot 'pen' to draw lines that melt and cut the synthetic fabric. This technique can be used with any synthetic fabric. It is a very relaxing way to work as you can only work as fast as the fabric you are using will melt.


One of the students is doing a City Guilds course and used the opportunity to make some colour samples for her sketch book. The CS500 is very fine and can be overlayed to great effect.

Painted Bondaweb decorated with transfer foil on black Vilene Spunbond CS500 and then zapped with a heat gun to create lovely fluffy, wavy edge.

Learning how to apply transfer foils to Bondaweb.

This image shows how effective it can be if you paint your Bondaweb and Tyvek with the same paints. This student will be able to use sections of the Tyvek to raise the surface of her Bondaweb sample. Work created with painted Bondaweb can be a bit flat as you an iron and Tyvek, selectively used, can give a bit of texture.

A envelope shaped box dyed and decorated with transfer foil ready to fold and assemble.

A casket shaped box decorated with gilding flake, threads and glitter.

I took my new toy along with me so was able to cut boxes from heavy pelmet Vilene plus. This wonderful iron-on interfacing has heat activated glue on one side and can be dyed or painted with a thin layer of paint. (not too thick or it will lose it's 'stickiness'). This glue can then be decorated with anything you would iron onto Bondaweb, painted or otherwise. Fab - u- lous!

So - cleaning to do, hair to dye blue - and it rhymes toooooo!!! 


I am giving a lecture on Tyvek and Vilene Spunbond at St Swithuns Church Hall, East Grinstead tomorrow at 10am - do come along if you fancy and you live nearby.

Have a great Sunday!


Friday, 14 October 2011

4 FABULOUS days at Inkberrow Design Centre 8th - 11th October

Following swiftly on from Shropshire the day before - I delivered a 2 day workshop - Extreme Surfaces for Stitch at InkBerrow Design Centre 
We had great fun layering Vilene Spunbond backed with Bondaweb and stitched onto craft Vilene.

I love teaching at this venue - the workshops are perfect for my classes.

Layers of dyed Vilene Spunbond machine stitched onto dyed craft Vilene and then zapped back with a heat gun.

These beautiful samples were created by my youngest student ever - pre dyed Vilene Spunbond CS500 (yellow) had Bondaweb ironed onto the back and shapes were cut out with a soldering iron. The backing paper was then removed and the negative spaces (yellow) were then ironed onto the the black and blue backgrounds, more pre dyed CS500. Simple and exquisite!

Pre dyed CS500 decorated with painted Bondaweb, sequins and glitter. This was then 'cut' into wavy strips and layered up to create a 'frothy' effect.

This wonderful array of regular shapes and colour was by the checkouts at the supermarket where we bought the sandwiches for the workshops.
Wonderful layers . . .

Brenda Killigrew is the M.D. of Inkberrow Design Centre and is a great friend of mine. We have known each other for about 15 years now and her energy never ceases to amaze me. Her commitment to Adult Education is second to none and as many of you will know, in the current climate, it is a hard road to travel. I will be teaching my new version of Experimental Textiles there next year. I have one more workshop left to teach there this year - New Layered Textiles, November 3rd & 4th. There are a couple of places left.


Well - I have been away from home for NINE days. That is too long - I won't do it again. I have lot to catch up with, 2 articles to write, take my laptop to be repaired, a workshop tomorrow in Bexhill, orders to get out, shopping . . . ..  and - GROAN - un load the car - I have NO idea where I'm going put everything  AARGGHHHHHHH!!!

I will write more over the weekend about the second workshop at Inkberrow and the filming. As you will see I am now using my main P.C to write the blog. All the letters on the keyboard are working!!!!



Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Day 2 at Moor Hall

I had hoped to post this earlier but the key board o my laptop keeps missing 2 letters, however I dot want to wait until the weekend when I get home as I will need to tell you about my exploits here in Redditch - see if you ca work out which ones they are . . . . . spell check will sort most words but . . . .  Good luck with reading this. I am still o the road. I have just finished 2 x 2 day workshops at Inkberrow Design Centre ad have take over one of the studios to spread out everything I need for filming my new DVD o Thursday..

I will keep the words brief as the missing letters will drive you mad. We were using dyed ad painted newspaper with painted odawe, gilding flake ad heat transfer foils to create surfaces o which to print ad stitch. We also ironed the decorated papers onto a heavy iron-o interfacing ad cut boxes.

We had a wonderful time at Moor Hall ad I will e teaching a 3 day workshop there ext August. I am so sorry about the missing letters. Will sort it all out o my big p.c when I get home . . . . .

Hope it wasn't tooo painful . . .  x x x