Saturday, 6 August 2011

Great Dixter

a section of one of the amazing borders at Great Dixter

While we are staying in Winchelsea it seemed sensible to visit Great Dixter - the garden of Christopher Lloyd which is only 20 minutes away - it was fantastic- the planting is quite remarkable - so many layers of colour.


 We only stayed for an hour as Mum couldn't cope with the steps and was a bit doddery but I saw enough to know I want go back - the gardens really are wonderful. Apart from the flower borders there is a sunken garden, exotic garden, topiary - you name it, it is there. Plus an part Lutyens house . . . .


I have been meaning to post this all day but have been slightly distracted - by emails from a certain structural engineer - unfortunately he is working in Dubai for another month - sigh!!! That will make you smile Jill and Tallulah . . . .  x x x

off to Dungeness tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to it.

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