Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hot Textiles at Denman College October 25th - 27th

 The Textile Studio at Denman

I love teaching at Denman College - the home of the W.I.  The teaching studios are well equipped, the food is great and I always have fab students in my group. The workshop ran from the 25th - 27th and a good time was had by all. The word had got round that I like to do stretching exercises to music with my students after lunch every day to help every one stay awake and feel refreshed. I was going to leave this as after all; I was teaching at the W.I. but no, my ladies were expecting it to be part of the course. Oh we did have a laugh! The students were - Jane Bothwell, Helen Dickinson, Sheilah Edgson, Jean Harnaman, Carole Jethwa, Jeanette Lamb, Patricia Richards, Margaret Sargeant, Pauline Walker and Jill Wilson.

 The workshop was fast paced to cover all the products everyone wanted to try. The students painted and dyed Tyvek, Bondaweb, Vilene Spunbond and various weights of sew-in and iron-on interfacings. These were then layered up and zapped back. Sections of the work were further distressed and removed with soldering irons. Here is a selection of the work.

painted Bondaweb, foiled Hot Spots! with sequins, dried leaves and threads as decoration

using transfer paper to decorate pre-dyed pelmet Vilene

Layers of pre-dyed Spunbond stitched together, zapped with a heat gun

As the course was residential I had a couple of non-teaching hours to get some of my own work done. I spent the time dyeing offcuts of Heavy Pelmet Vilene Plus. These were long sections that were left over from cutting out the Little Boxes packs (see Thursday 30th September post). I had rolled up the waste to throw away but having seen the gorgeous shapes it made I decided to dye it all and see what happened. I think I will now make some kind of sculpture - watch this space!

 I am off to teach at Craftynotions in Newark, Nottinghamshire on Friday and Saturday. It is nightmare entering the warehouse/shop.There is so much to see you want to run around touching and looking at everything. I enjoy working with Sarah and her team and look forward to a very good time indeed. I will report on my exploits next week . . . . .  x

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  1. Lovely shapes in the pelmet vilene, I can see why you wanted to dye it. Look forward to seeing the sculpture.