Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Festival of Quilts 2010

I dashed up to the NEC today to catch up with loads of friends ( Hello Jill and Tallulah) and to see what was happening with the show. As usual it is a very exciting show - not just for quilters. All kinds of textile art is featured there and if you are remotely tempted to go in the next three days I urge you to go.
I had a chance to see my good mate Angie Hughes before the show got too busy - she is producing some fascinating work (as usual). Her stand no is Demo E at the back by the food and coffee shops.
Angie before the rush started

Some of Angies latest projects

 Angie will be demonstrating on her stand for the whole show, lots of printing, foiling and painted Bondaweb.

If you do get there in the next three days - have great time!


  1. who is that good looking woman?? lovely to see you too x

  2. hello darling, second mention on the old blog. Lovely to see you too, when will we meet again? xx