New Workshops and a Catch Up!

 A detail of one of my vessels Earth Jewels, featuring Lutradur and painted Bondaweb. This is covered in Workshop 6. Well, who knew that a catch up and show and tell 2 weeks after a live Zoom workshop would work so well? Whenever I taught workshops in the olden days before Covid, I would rock up to a workshop with a car load of supplies and samples and teach, have a great time with the students and then leave . . Occasionally students would send me images of work they had developed from my workshops, which was very satisfying.  Technology had a lot to do with it of course. In the real olden days we didn't have the amazing possibilities of digital photography and all the apps we can now use. It is incredible how we can now communicate in seconds, anywhere in the world via the internet. In my lifetime as a traveling tutor I have seen so many changes. It is quite remarkable. So - back to the present . .  My live Zoom workshops are going well, which is great. But what is going even bet

What a great workshop! Transforming Transfer March 27th.

Some great appliques shapes cut with a soldering iron. Well that was fun. Workshop 2 - Transforming Transfer went well. I am getting used to the live Zoom format now. I am by no means an expert, but I am dithering less. We had students from the U.K, Ireland, Scotland, France and an early start in Georgia, USA. Whilst teaching on Zoom is not ideal, nothing can replace being in the same room as your students, it is pretty good. The studio looks relatively tidy behind me - you should see it in front of the table - not quite so tidy!!           The group were asked to mix their disperse dyes and paint up their papers before the workshop. This meant after the introductions and a quick demonstration from me, we could get started. Firstly the group got to grips with ironing their painted papers onto their synthetic fabric. It can take time for the heat to transfer the dye onto the fabric. A good hot iron is necessary. At least 2.000 watts. Of course, if you have a heat press, then you will h

2 NEW live Zoom workshops.

One of my favourite pieces of painted and distressed Tyvek - Ever!    Is it odd to have a favourite sample of Tyvek?   Tyvek is one of my favourite products. Having taught all my heat processes for so many years, I thought I had probably taught most of the people who were interested. Apparently not! My first book, Hot Textiles seems to be having a bit of a revival, and with that comes new interest. So, in response to all the emails and messages I have received asking how do I work with Tyvek - I have written 2 new workshops. How to enrol and all the details are at the end of this post.   All the samples in this blog post have been made by students on previous workshops with me. Some are from as back as the early 2000's. The first one will be Workshop 4 - Raising the Surface. You may have noticed that I LOVE working with painted Bondaweb. You can create some fantastic effects by adding transfer foil or gilding flake. But as you need to iron Bondaweb, your work is always flat. Adding