Catching up . . September 9th

 Playing with printing blocks  Well, that was a month . . .  Apologies for the rather long gap between posts, I have sold and moved out of my house in Brighton. Oh my goodness - THREE skips full of STUFF!! Start de-cluttering right now if you are anything like me in keeping things - just in case you need them. You won't! This has made me re-think about how many clothes and shoes I actually need. As well as all the art and textiles media we buy and then look at and never use. We are buying time and opportunity, yet never use them!  Everything is now in storage until I move to Ireland. Since I last posted I have taught an ExTex 5 weekend and an ExTeXtra weekend. Here is a taster of what we covered . . . August 21st and 22nd saw the 3rd weekend of Experimental Textiles, ExTex for short. We are now on our 5th year at the IDC Studios and it is my last year teaching Experimental Textiles in this form - hopefully I will be teaching it onl ine by the end of next year. The 3

Sticky and Shiny - New 2 day workshop at Art Van Go - 2nd and 3rd August.

One of Sharon's great samples. I am catching up - Last week I had a fabulous 2 days at the Art Van Go studios. I always have great fun there, Viv and Kevin have become great friends in the years I have been teaching there.  'Sticky and Shiny' is a new workshop that I have written to help students understand the joys of foiling all the different glues. The glues we were working with were - KK Glue , Bondaweb , Fuse FX. We also played with Xpandaprint and embossing powders.  We had a good time playing together for 2 days and achieved some fabulous effects. Just remembering 'which way is up?' is a good start . .  then there is the baking parchment - soooooo important. The group getting down to some serious play. As most of you will know, I love Bondaweb. It is so versatile. Here a few samples of this fabulous product. Bondaweb cut to shape, ironed onto black fabric. The backing paper was removed when the Bondaweb was cool. The sh

Layered Jewelled Surfaces with the Quilt Association at the Minerva Arts Centre - Friday 29th - Sunday 31st July.

  A rather lovely sample created with painted Bondweb, distressed and decorated polyester organza. My goodness - I have NEVER been so well fed!!! I had the most fabulous time on Llanidloes, Powys, Wales. What a beautiful town and just lovely people. The Minerva Arts Centre is a splendid venue - it holds exhibitions of all kinds of textiles - while I was there there was a fabulous exhibition of old quilts from the collection of Barbara Chainey It also has a great workshop area. So much space and power sockets - I was a very happy girl. I was booked to teach a 3 day version of Layered Jeweled Surfaces. Lots of sparkle - always good for me.  We started of by painting up Bondaweb and Lutradur/CS800 While the painted Bondaweb and Lutradur/CS800 was drying we played with the soldering irons. I had some old stock of pre-dyed Lutraur 30/CS500 and this seemed like a good time to give some away. The group ironed Bondaweb onto  2 pieces of the Lutradur and 2 pieces of polyest