Saturday, 30 May 2015

Whhoo hooo! New videos using KK Glue and transfer foils with Colouricious

Layers of KK Glue, Bondaweb and transfer foils - what more do you need?

I have just returned from 3 days filming videos with Jamie Malden of Colouricious. We had great fun and worked hard. I have wanted a 'how to' video of how to use my new KK glue for some time. It has been selling well, but I felt it needed more instruction. KK Glue is so versatile and I haven't felt that I have supported this exciting new product enough. There are now several videos on YouTube - just put KK Glue in the search engine. I will also add the links on this post. 
I thoroughly enjoyed my days with Jamie and her family - I do enjoy working with Jamie and hope we can make new videos that feature both us. I think we work well together.

The worktable in the Colouricious studio was rarely clear, I do TRY to keep a tidy table, but rarely suceeed. I am not a good example!!! I tend to ascribe the 'from chaos comes creativity' theory.

Choosing blocks from the Colouricious collection to work with takes time - there are soooooo many to choose from. I adore spirals in all their forms, so that helped me choose.

One of the Coouricios spiral blocks and my first quick sample.

I got stuck in straight away and printed this block using an embossing pad to help the KK Glue adhere to the paper. It is a very simple process - 
Tap the printing block onto the embossing pad, and print the ink onto your project - I have used an Indian newspaper, you can use fabric, or wood, anything you can iron safely. The ink is quite sticky and doesn't dry too fast, giving you time to sprinkle the KK Glue onto your print.

Once the design is covered with KK Glue, you can shake off the residue onto a sheet of paper and pour back into the screw top pot.

You need to fix the powdered glue with and iron, not forgetting to use baking parchment. Wait for everything to cool down and remove the baking parchment.

You are then ready to foil - this is all covered in the videos - do go and have a look - there are several links below.

A pair of spiral blocks - I just love these - if you can't live without them - this is the link.

I have been very keen to show how to use transfer foil to foil the 'positive' block design and then use Bondaweb to foil the 'negative design that is left on the foil.

 Ammonite printing blocks were used to make this foiled KK glue print.

The next step was to show how to use the negative part of the design that is left on the foil - I think this is almost the most exciting thing I do now.

Playing with different colour combinations.

Using Bondaweb to remove the 'negative' design from the foil. 
This is much better explained in this video.

Ammonite printing blocks can be found here.

We then moved on to decorating Tee shits using KK Glue through a stencil. KK Glue is washable up to 30 degrees when foiled.

The black Tee shirt is the 'positive' design of the stencil and the grey Tee shirt has the 'negative' design using Bondaweb - which is also washable.

   This the link video for this process -

I had great fun playing with the alphabet blocks . . .

Transfer foil ironed onto a laser print.

We were so busy having fun that I almost forgot to tell Jamie about the fact that you can iron transfer foil onto laser print. If you don't have a laser printer (we popped down to the local business centre) there will be somewhere locally that can print your copies for you. As we were filming all things foily it would have been shame to miss this very simple process out. 
Here is link to the video - 

So - I think you can see we had fun. I hope you find all this helpful . . . 

If you would like to buy some KK Glue, here is the link -

And I stock 17 single colours of foil and 10 4 x colour packs -

Have a great weekend.



Palace of the winds, Jaipur.

Creative Holiday Tour of Jaipur -
September 20th - 30th 2016 

Jamie and I have been talking about traveling to India together for the last 3 years, but we never have time to sit down and talk about it, and more importantly, book the dates. But now we have and you are the first to know.

 Jamie and I are planning to host a joint creative holiday in Jaipur and would love you to come too. The focus of this particular holiday is to explore, discover and have fun with all the colours, shapes, textures and patterns that will surround us. We will be attending block printing and stitching workshops with local artisans each morning and the rest of the day will be spent getting to know Jaipur. This creative holiday will appeal to all of you who are interested in design – traditional and contemporary. The combination of print and stitch is always exciting.
There are several wonderful palaces to visit which are highly decorated and will inspire you with your own work. Jamie is a very experienced travel host - your comfort will assured at all times.

We will be updating the webpage as we get more information and finalise the itinerary and the price. I am SO excited.


Sunday, 10 May 2015

Up coming courses - lots of colour and excitement!

Designs from Rachael Singleton's work book - ExTex 3. 
Prints from blocks made from sections taken from her 'journey'.

I am very much looking forward to getting back to work . . . 
Whilst it is good to have time to think and plan - I am missing my students and colleagues.

I have at least another 3 weeks recuperation ahead of me, and I aim to use it well. There is quite a lot of planning to do .The first session of  ExTex 4 (Experimental Textiles) will be starting on the weekend of  June 13th & 14th. It is amazing to think this will be the 4th group of students to enrol on the course which will finish March 2016. I love teaching the course - it is the best thing I do - the culmination of all I have learned through my teaching practice, mind you, you never stop learning.

 Part of the ExTex3 end of year work at the Excel show March 2015.

 Equally exciting is a new group starting - of ex ExTex students, we are calling it ExTeXra!!!! 
They will be meeting for 5 weekends between July and March 2016. It is my intention for this to be an exhibiting group, with me steering and mentoring and the girls making their own way, working more independently. 
Both ExTex 4 and ExTeXtra will meet at the IDC studios at The Old Needle Works in Redditch.
These studios have every we need and with it being in the middle of the country, access is reasonable from Scotland and the West Country where 2 of the students travel from.

It is especially exciting when a new, longer course starts. There is a special kind of energy . . . Every ones hopes and fears - all the wonderings . .  very special. Whoo hoo!!! I just LOVE it!  
If you want to see the course outline - have a look at the website -


Taking a section for the 'journey'.

But before all that excitement - I will be teaching my design course at Art Van Go on Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th of June. Creating Original Designs is my 2 day workshop where you paint a 'journey', play with black and white designs and then make printing blocks from your designs. This is the only time I will teaching this workshop this year. (In the Uk). There are still spaces left on the course, We have a great time and learn a huge amount. Creating your own designs and your own printing blocks help make your work different to everyone elses. 
If you fancy coming to play - here is the link - Workshops/Programme

A variety of images of printing blocks, prints and designs.

And sometimes we have time to stitch . . . . .

And sometimes we can sit outside in the garden - always a treat . . . 

And of course - there is the Art Van Go hospitality - we are always so looked after there, we do get some work done - I promise!!!!

You will leave the course with lots of ideas, many designs and several printing blocks - enough to keep you busy for a long time . . . . 
Why not come along and play? 

x x x

Sunday, 3 May 2015

On the Surface at The Bridge, Brighton 18th & 19th April

Just strips of torn paper, laying, waiting to be ironed down. They fell into a rather splendid design.

Am slowly catching up after my op. I am moving about pretty easily - just a bit stiff and sore. I start physio this week, that should sort me out!!!! 
I hope to start sending out orders this week. has been busy in the last 2 weeks, I should be able to get most of the orders out by Friday. Whilst I can't drive till the beginning of June. I can get the bus to the post office. 

The last workshop I taught before the op was 'On the Surface' at The Bridge, Brighton. This venue is only 10 minutes from my house - such a treat!
There were only 4 students booked on the course - so we were a select few - 2 of the group have been on other classes with in the Brighton area. I decided to run the course with 4. I like teaching at The Bridge, it is very airy and spacious.

I teach in the art room, we can get messy in there.

'On the Surface' is my original workshop, the first one I ever taught. It is based on decorating painted Bondaweb, though I now include Tyvek as well. It never ceases to amaze me that people still don't know that it can be painted and decorated. Regular readers of this blog will know how much I love Bondaweb.

Painted Bondaweb very often needs no decoration, just the process of painting the Bondaweb, tearing it and then ironing it down - can be enough of a background. Or even for the sake of itself.

Simplicity is sometimes best.

This sample was created on the Saturday and then stitched into overnight and brought in to class on the Sunday. A very keen student.

We started by painting the Bondaweb, while this was drying, we had a play with old newspapers and un-painted Bondaweb. Using un-painted Bondaweb lets you see through to the copy or photograph on the newspaper.

Layering up torn strips of paper onto a background that has un-painted Bondaweb ironed onto it.

Layering and tearing, again and again.

Here are a few of the more finished samples  -

As you can see , the choice of colours and width of torn strips can make quite a difference to a piece of work.

We then worked on fabric with the painted Bondaweb -

Torn painted Bondaweb decorated with gilding flake and torn skeleton leaves.

Torn painted Bondaweb decorated with gilding flake, torn sweet wrappers and bits of lace. There is the beginnings of some stitch on this sample.

KK Glue is now a best seller on and I am always being asked about it. This workshop was no different. So we had a play for an hour. This great powdered glue fits into most of my workshops as it works so well with transfer foils.

The KK Glue is sprinkled LIGHTLY through a stencil.

The stencil is then very carefully lifted off, taking care not to smudge the design.

The design is then carefully covered with baking parchment and ironed with a hot iron to fix it.

You can see when the glue has melted, it goes dark.

Once the baking parchment and glue are cold, remove the parchment. Cover the design with transfer foil (colour side up). Cover the foil with baking parchment, and iron with and iron on wool/medium. If the iron is too hot, the foil with pucker and not release the colour.

 Foiled KK Glue.

Once the foil and glue are cold, remove the parchment and transfer foil. The foil will have stuck to the melted KK Glue design. This is washable up to 30 degrees.

There was a lot of experimenting on the workshop, one of the most exciting was foiling on top of foil . . . .

The first design was foiled (bronze). This then more KK Glue sprinkled through the same stencil, fixed and then foiled in purple transfer foil. It is a great effect.

I have 16 different coloured foils and various colour packs on the website.

We also played with texturing Tyvek.

Textured Tyvek laid onto painted Bondaweb.

I have 2 more courses coming up at The Bridge, one in July and one in August. The workshops will take up to 8 people, so places are limited. This is the link to The Bridge website.


Coming up -
My next workshop is 'Creating Original Designs' at Art Van Go on Tuesday the 9th and Wednesday 10th of June. I do so love teaching there. We are always so well looked after. This will be the last time I teach this workshop for some time. I will continue to teach it as part of my Experimental Textiles course. 
This design technique is very popular in Australia and New Zealand and I have taught it there several times with great success.

The following images show you what we will get up to and there is a link to the same workshop I taught at Art Van Go in 2014.

Making printing blocks from your designs is exciting and very satisfying and helps make your work stand out from the rest. 
This is the link to last years course - 

This is the link to the June Art Van Go workshops.
 Art Van Go June workshops

Do come along and play - you will leave with several printing blocks and lots of gorgeous printed and dyed papers.


I hope you are managing to enjoy this rather chilly and damp 
Bank Holiday Weekend.