Time to plan the next 5 years . . and a smashing time!!

  2 new pieces of textile art work       Phew!! Well, that was a whirlwind of a month or so. What with visitors staying and getting my new work ready to hang, it has been none stop.  It has been wonderful to finally have visitors to stay now that Shannon, my local airport, is opening up. More flights are being added every month, it is very encouraging. However, there was the added irritation of the studio door coming off it's rail and smashing that really didn't help.  I really didn't need this . . . Groan! It is very handy having large sheets of farm plastic stored in my big shed. The boarded and secure door. It can be locked. A local builder has kindly boarded the door so I can still use it, but is does make the studio very dark. Which is an issue when I am filming or doing a live stream. Any of you that watched the live stream I did for Vlieseline on Saturday will have seen what I mean. If you haven't seen it yet - hop over to the Vlieseline Freudenberg UK facebook p

New work and colour palette and some FAB students work.

A fabulous spiral created from newspaper faux chenille by Janet from Australia. We are halfway through September and it's time for me to think about my live Zoom teaching for next year. I have listened to those of you who want to do the Journey design exercise with me and the continuation workshop, making printing blocks for your designs. These are planned and now published on the website for January and February. A great way to start the New Year - with your new original designs. All workshops are capped at 15. I need to have the time to work with each you all during the one day workshop. The price of the workshop includes the 2 hour live Zoom group Show and Tell 2 weeks after the workshop, you have the encouragement you need to develop what you started on the workshop.  The Show and Tells have been almost as popular as the workshops. What started as a way for me to see what the students do after the workshops, has turned into something very social and enjoyable. The groups certai

Luscious Lutradur and an extra workshop!!

  Layers of Lutradur cut with a soldering iron by Joane from Montreal, Canada When you have taught for several, verging on many, years, you build a great collections of friends, as well as students. Some you see as regularly as time allows, others pop up now and again and the joy of seeing them is very special. I have had a few reunions in the past month on the workshops, making them extra special. This is an extra blog post as I wanted to showcase some of the amazing work created on the Zap Pow! Slash and 3D workshop. We worked with various weights of Lutradur using heat guns and soldering irons to create fabulous edges and shapes. A wonderful sample combining textured Lutradur and Tyvek decorated with painted melted glue by Frances in Montreal, Canada Pieces of zapped and soldered Lutradur and textured Tyvek   Squares of zapped Lutradur on a background of painted Bondaweb with wisps of wool tops. The long silver line is melted glue by Joane from Montreal, Canada Curved shapes cut out