What's happening Kim? Lots - that's what . . .

My house has probably only seen snow 3 or 4 times in its history. It is quite rare for it to snow on the Loop Head Peninsula. Have you all defrosted?? Are you thawed?  We had snow on Loop Head for the first time in 10 years or so. Most of the children living here had never seen snow before. I have never seen so many snowmen and snowball fights - great fun for a couple of days - then it is enough. Fashion, Embroidery ad Stitch next week - March 15th - 18th I had a chance to get on with some work while I was snowed in - I will have some of my new seaweed work on show on my stand at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Show at the NEC next week. A few of my new pieces wrapped in plastic and ready to travel I will be on stand L22 and there will be 3 groups of my ex ExTex students exhibiting in the same area. I will have Paint and Bond for sale again as well some of the interfacings I use, and Tyvek. I will also be running the Vlieseline workshop. Here is a link

Drawing and painting the ExTex still life.

 A 'squidgey' print taken from the left over paint from painting the colour wheel. I have just about finished clearing up from filming the 3rd and 4th weekends of Experimental Textiles Online. The 3rd weekend looks at colour and the 4th weekend is the still life. Students will be encouraged to build their own still life - or they can paint and draw from images of mine. I find a large scale still life is less frightening than the usual bowl of fruit. The idea is to look at shapes, lines and positive and negative space. It is not a competition to see who is the best artist. Few of us can paint and draw really well, but we can try, and the more you practice, the better you get.  Jayne has a new clapper board to help her with editing the videos.  We filmed the colour wheel on Saturday and the still life on Sunday.    I use paper plates as palettes.  When I was teaching Experimental Textiles at various colleges I always used a few of the same pieces, the wooden

The first Look.Draw.Stitch. weekend - January 2018.

A detail of one of Fiona's fab prints. The first Look.Draw.Stitch weekend was a great success.  I had met Fiona, Ann and Sidella last August when I was working on the Vlieseline stand at Festival of Quilts, NEC, Birmingham. They stopped to say hello and ask how I was getting on in my new home, here in Ireland. All three ladies are from Dublin and are deeply involved in the Irish Guild of Embroiderers. We had a good chat. They asked if I was doing any teaching in Ireland and I said I was thinking of running weekend workshops from home. We discussed it further and I asked if they thought if anyone would visit the back of beyond where I live in January? And they said Yes!! They would . . . and they did.   Fiona and Ann looking out. Fiona drew some of the landscape lines and Ann drew some of the stone shapes in the dry stone wall. Sidella chose to draw Brachychiton or Bottle tree seeds that I have in a basket in my sitting room. From a simple drawing you can tak