2 fabulous shows - Exeter and Manchester

  Pieces from the '1914 A postcard from the front' exhibition at Craft4Crafters in Exeter. As I sit safe in my office writing this post, the wind is blowing a rather scary hooley and it is lashing with rain, whipping up trees and knocking down fences but I am highly aware this is nothing to what is happening in the South West of our weather beleaguered country and along the Thames. My thoughts are with you all with the hope that this rain will stop soon. I was in The West Country only the week before the rains started for Craft4Crafters at Westpoint Arena, Exeter. (January 30th - February 1st). I had not done this show before, my dear friend Diana Wright thought it would be a good one for me to do - she was so right - it was. I had a great time at the show and it was wonderful to see all the friends I had made last year when I did my 2 week 'tour' of the West Country.  Diana is Vice President of The West Country Embroiderers - a thriving and well org

The Northern Ireland Embroidery Guild 17th - 19th January - part the third

  A lovely sample using torn strips of paper serviette along with the newspaper, painted Bondaweb and sparkle. I have spread this trip over 3 posts as the ladies produced some fabulous samples on both workshops. A New Starting Point is my newspaper based workshop that also combines printing onto the backgrounds with printing blocks.  The Northern Ireland Embroidery Guild is a thriving group of all ages but as with all groups they can always do with more members. If you live anywhere near Belfast and fancy joining in the fun - go to - they can also be found on Facebook - https:/ You have already seen the build up to these samples in the previous post - here are what was produced by the end of the day -  Painted and dyed newspaper decorated with painted Bondaweb, gilding flake, heat transfer foils, glitter and anything else to hand.         Then the printing blocks came out - the idea

The Northern Ireland Embroidery Guild 17th - 19th January - part the second

 It was worth having a little hint in the last post - Janet sent me 2 images of how she is beginning to stitch in to her samples.    Starting to look good . . .   The one day workshop on Sunday was A New Starting Point - the day started well with Noel cooking me an 'Ulster fry' - How could I refuse???    A girl needs a good start to the day . . . I must say that the ladies of The Northern Ireland Embroidery Guild are very good fun - and also VERY talented. I had the best weekend teaching this fabulous group of women.  The ladies working hard.    Just look at that bottom lip . . . !!!! Joanne/Joanna was particularly good fun.    Lots of layering of papers, painted Bondaweb and of course - sparkles.             The papers were then printed onto - preferably with a colour that is already in the works so the print isn't tooooo 'in your face'!!        I will show you the finished samples in