Friday, 19 October 2018

It's about time . .

 Playing with Bondaweb and stitch.
I do love seaweed.

It's been a while. I have been settling in and enjoying not traveling about too much. I have been exploring my local area, and enjoying all the colours, textures and patterns. 
It is almost 2 years since I moved to my little slice of paradise on the Loop Head peninsula. It is continuing to be a challenge to support myself out here, but plans are in place to help with that. It takes time to discover what works out here. . and what doesn't!!

 Seaweed in one of the rock pools in Ross Bay.

 Seaweed and crab shell on Glasheen beach.

I am thoroughly enjoying drawing and stitching seaweed and am now seriously into my dry stone wall series of work. 
Getting out and about in this area I keep finding new places to excite - there is an alpaca farm not far from me that spins and dyes the fleece. They are all very well looked after and are fast becoming a great attraction.

 Gorgeous alpacas.

 I am still a very keen beach cleaner on my local beaches and am continually surprised at just what is washed up. And in such large amounts. I am collecting the rubbish I find to start creating  . .  something.

 A small part of a collection of plastic from beach recently.

 Any one who has moved house will know how easy it is to misplace things. It has taken almost 2 years to find my early collection of bead bowls. I was getting quite despondent - and then - I found them, safely packed in a box . . in a bag.

One of my first bead bowls made in 1985.

I have always been interested in making textiles 3D. One of the things I do is make silk fibre bowls which are selling very well over here.  I have listed a few on my Estsy shop if you fancy having a look . . Kims Etsy Shop. 

I have been making some new bowls ready for the upcoming craft fairs.
I have added a few to my Etsy shop . . .


 My teaching -
My Look, Draw, Print, Stitch weekends have finished for this year.  To see my dates for next year - have a look here.

Tricia who came to work with me in May has now finished 3 pieces of work based on one of the designs she created on that weekend.

Aren't these fabulous?

Jaipur January.
I shall be getting about around the world in 2019. In January I shall be teaching on a holiday I am leading in Jaipur. I believe there is one place left.
In April I will be teaching in Inverness and in May I will be teaching in Dublin.  
I will be home during the summer teaching in my studio, then I will be off to teach in New Zealand in October.

My online courses are still available here -

I have been mentoring several students/artists unofficially for a while now and I think it is time to tighten things up. From now on I will teaching my online version of Experimental Textiles as a one to one mentoring course that will last a year. If anyone is interested - do please email me. 

So -  that is what has been happening . . . 
Yesterday I went out on the Dolphinwatch - a fantastic trip that involves, dolphins, wild goats, all manner of sea birds and amazing rock strata.

I managed to one image of a dolphin jumping.

If you are ever traveling in this area it always worth checking if the conditions are right for a trip on the Dolphinwatch.